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    I decided to use a dutch bucket system, but i think i might be a little confused on nutrients. So each bucket is about 3 gallons (11 l) and each requires about 1-2 gallons of watering a day. Most people DTW on these.

    So supposing I had 20 buckets, that's 40 gallons of water/nutrient solution a day. Over a growing cycle say 70 days, that's 3500 gallons. That seems like an staggering amount of nutrients, something like 4 gallons.

    Am i looking at this the wrong way? This seem really expensive.

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    I am using 10qt buckets of perlite in the hempy growing style,I feed1/2 a gallon every other day.I am using Dr Earth nitro big and golden bloom at 1tsp a gallon.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    1-2 gallons of watering a day? mine operated on a few drops a day.
    growing quality cannabis can be an expensive hobby ya know

    dont worry about your bucket size, worry about your reservoir size, mix appropriately, rinse, repeat when empty.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    i highly doubt your buckets will use up a gallon a day each. that may be what the guy at the store told you, or may be what the literature that comes with them says, but don't just believe it. i know people that use hydro, run 8 to 10 plants at a time off of one res, and don't use half of that per plant. at the peak of growth, a half gallon every other day should be more than enough, unless your growing 8 foot tall trees
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    Pics? of my bato buckets? that's kind of a personal request. :) also, hi Pinner
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