DWC - White Widow 2 x 2 300w LED

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    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Just doing a little more trimming to expose each of the main stems, really happy with how it structured so well into 6.

    Also, the left stem has totally healed.


    shiva71 Well-Known Member

    Yep youve done a good job with the topping/lst'ing.
    Why are you flowering so quickly?

    Purpsmagurps Well-Known Member

    you check my mainlining log. you need a LOT more veg :)

    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Stay out of the thread unless you're going to add value, everybody grows for different reasons (personal use) under different limitations (budget, space, equipment, time)

    Tell me WHY I need more veg

    I haven't mainlined, I haven't attempted to set a g/w record, it's not a cash crop. I want some weed and I want to grow it myself with the lowest amount of effort, with as little money and in the shortest possible time. I spent $97 in total upgrading to DWC and adding a second 135w blurple so forget trying to suggest equipment upgrades, I'm working with what I have.

    I topped twice to keep it as short as possible for my tiny grow tent, if you have a suggestion on how to better to train the plant - let me know, I have more seeds on the way and I will start a new grow mid May.

    I have 12 week windows to grow, my property manager checks up on the place 4 times a year and I can't have them smelling some dank bud growing in the spare room. This puts huge limitations on veg time.

    Posts like this add nothing to the community, you have some excellent results from your grow, extremely cool looking plants but damn dude, I'm a novice, be respectful and constructive in here.

    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Day 11 of flower

    PH got to 6.3 so I topped up and got it down to 5.8 and PPM sitting at 600

    Plant is in full on stretch at the moment

    IMG_1965.JPG IMG_1964.JPG

    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Looking good. Look forward to seeing how it turns out
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    Keegan12L Member

    Nice looking Widow man! I am on my first grow and doing DWC with White Widow. Nice to find someone doing something similar. Very interested to see how yours turns out.

    Keep up the good work, those leaves look perfect!
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    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Day 12 and I'm counting around 30 potential bud sites coming of the 6 main stalks. The challenge is going to be getting light to them.

    Also looks like the buds are about to form.
    IMG_1969.JPG IMG_1970.JPG 2018-03-12.jpg
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    Viceman666 Well-Known Member

    How much time you have left/deadline before you are force to harvest? Hopefully you can grow them to full potential they are looking great and healthy. I love the symmetry its looking very clean

    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    No issue with time on this grow, I don't need to harvest for another ~60 days which would give me a total 12/12 time of ~72 days for strain that is rated for closer to 49-56.
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    cjsbabygirl313 Well-Known Member

    Wow is all I can say about your grow @BCbud316 !! Looks amazing! I’m subbed to this one for sure. Your WW isnt an auto is it?
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    Viceman666 Well-Known Member

    No, he cant use auto because of time restrain he needs to control when he will put her to flower
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    BCbud316 Well-Known Member


    With a 2x2 x4 I really need the topping option to keek the plant short and to control when to flower. This if the fast version of ww from seedsman, I have the regular fem version on the way after the fast sold out as well as white widow x gorilla glue 4 from expert seeds for future grows so stay tuned.

    Here is 12 hours later after trim/training, so cool watching the tabletop form!

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    cjsbabygirl313 Well-Known Member

    Thing of beauty!

    shiva71 Well-Known Member

    That sucks about the landlord - nosey fu(ker!
    Great looking girl you have there, will be interesting to see how she flowers!

    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Definitely transitioning to bud production now
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    Unit Farm System Supply

    Unit Farm System Supply Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    it seems like you do not use HID,

    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Just a pair of cheap 135w draw blurples.

    I'll see how this grow produces before thinking about alterative lights

    BCbud316 Well-Known Member

    Day 14 of flower. Lots of bud sites starting to form and roots are looking gloriously healthy.

    Gave her a feed, PPM 950, Ph 6

    IMG_1980.JPG IMG_1981.JPG

    Gentlemencorpse Well-Known Member

    That widow is looking great man! I just got the final dry weight off my grow, 110 grams with similar lights. So about .4 g/watt. I think your gonna beat me! That LST is paying off for certain!
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