Dyna gro foliage pro deficiency??

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    Dustjesus Active Member

    Still having problems. To me what looks like Nitrogen and calcium. I was adding my protekt last. Could this have been locking them out?

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    Grandpapy Well-Known Member

    Just for fun place 1 ml of grow in a cup then add 1 ml protek, you'll see the lock out take place.
    "protect" your water first.
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    Dustjesus Active Member

    Last res change (2 days ago) I did the protekt first. Fingers crossed things clear up. Would love for it to have been something that stupid all along.
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    Dustjesus Active Member

    A sample of leaves removed tonight.

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    Dustjesus Active Member

    Whole plant. Almost nothing left of her.

    I've done the same thing for years and just for the life of me can't figure this out.

    Roots looked fine when transplanted last week. Water temp never over 70f. Flooding every 3 hours.

    0 ppm water
    2 ml a gallon protekt
    1 ml Floralicious plus
    5 ml florablend
    1 ml mag pro
    Then foilage pro up to 1.2 to 1.3 ec
    Also using hydroguard at recommended dose.

    That's it. Has worked for me over many grows. The room temps are 76f day 65f night. Plants in other location in the past with nearly exact feedings green from top to bottom.

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    Dustjesus Active Member

    So I decided to pull the plant out of the hydroton to see what the roots looked like. Have been transplanted for 2 weeks now. Zero new root growth. Anyone have an idea of what can cause that??

    rollyouron Well-Known Member

    I use FP and don't get any deficiency during veg, but I do use tap water. I have to use Mag Pro during flowering, because some, but not get a deficiency. Hope your problem gets solved.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    It looks like you've got a sick plant. The plant next to it looks fine.

    Dustjesus Active Member

    When I started pulling net pots and checking for root growth I noticed most had nice new roots as expected. While a few that exhibited the problems did not. Would you kill this plant at this point for fear of spead?
    I have a few initial floods that are in the 50-55f range temperature wise til the water warmed from new res. Could this have shocked or killed roots?? Also pots were on epoxy concrete basement floor. Have since set everything up on insul-board in case the floor was pulling heat from the root zone.
    Thank you everyone for your replies in these perilous days. :wall::lol::D
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    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    I've never done that type of hydro but I know you could add something like 1/2ml/gal of bleach to your res to keep things sterile. It wont keep things sterile forever but maybe a few weeks of res changes with bleach will clean things up? Might put the florablend and FLP on hold while you're doing that too.

    Occasionally I'll have a rockwool plant that doesn't get going quite like the others. A lot of times I'll just kill that plant which gives the other plants more space to grow. Net-net things tend to even out in the end anyways.

    So if you run with bleach, you might keep that plant around as it will produce something and may even turn the corner. If you don't run with the bleach, maybe kill that plant? Who knows? Could be any number of things affecting that plant but it's certainly not your food.

    Dustjesus Active Member

    Thoughts on hydroguard vs bleach?

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    I think they do different things and work in different ways but with that said I've never used Hydroguard to know if it helps or not.

    edaisson Member

    Im having issues with dyna gro bloom. It started burning my plants.

    I used foliage pro during veg in drain to waste Coco. My ppm was coming out to ~600ppm (0.5 conversion) every 5ml/gallon. But, bloom comes out to around 315ppm. I did this test without adding protekt and using RO water just to be safe.

    Would you mind telling me what your ppm/EC comes out to with 5ml/gallon with foliage pro and bloom? I even called dyna gro to no avail. Thanks homebrewer.

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