easiest indoor plants to grow for beginner ?

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    skorpio777 Member

    im in uk, i need to buy seeds only in uk or eu. i need seeds easy to manage and grow with best overall yields.
    indoor tent 1.5x1.5M using a 10 pot wilma hydro system in clay balls.

    im still finding my feet but exited & ready to start my grow this week .
    will make a diary to show progress on my 1st venture.

    thanks for any help

    PS. go with ( non auto ) feminised seed like white widow or blueberry cheesecake or what do you recommend ?

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    all Indica dom seeds and strains are easy to grow and manage and provide heavy yields in my exp.
    Yields and ease of management are dependent on your weakest environment controls, your worst bad habits and veg time.
    vegged longer and every strain becomes a high yielder.
    Every cannabis cup winner was a real winner for me.
    Any Ed Rosenthal grow book will save you oodles of cash and time
    OG Kush is a great one for you.
    @shorelineOG has the best I've sampled to date
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Good ol Exodus Cheese....

    Kaliman - Attitude seed bank.......Cheese 1

    Nice starter strain.... Still luv the results..

    JackSkell Active Member

    Check out herbiesheadshop.com its a UK seedbank that ive been using for several years now, they have a great selection and ive only ever gotten 1 pack of dud seeds from them which they happily replaced for me! as chiqifella mentioned most indica dominant strains are easy to grow, the biggest variables in *how* easy it will be are your experience level as a grower, and the environmental conditions you subject it to. goodluck!

    digging Well-Known Member


    Let me recommend a strain to you that will be easy to grow, strong sturdy branches, good yield and a nice strain to get your feet wet.

    Check out Critical Kush from Barney’s

    Critical Kush seeds are feminized, and will provide you with a lovely plant to watch over, enjoy and learn lots from during its growth life :)
    Jypsy Dog

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