Easy Oil in 8 steps


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I have read many different ways to make oil and tried some of them. This is my personal favorite combination of those methods. Clean and simple and it produces a great end product.

-1 marker
-1 rice cooker
-masking tape
-1 garbage bag
-1 extension cord
-1 mesh coffee filter
-thc rich plant matter
-2 large cooking pots
-1 wooden or metal spoon
-1 wire mesh strainer. Slightly smaller than pots
-4L isopropyl alcohol per dry QP plant matter

Step 1
Dry plant matter. Remove large fan leaves and stems. These contain little thc and release more chlorophyll into the finished product. They can be used, but better quality plant matter started with will have better end product. Once evenly dry and separated, remaining buds and trim can be frozen with the isopropyl being used in the extraction. Any where from 4 hours and beyond should do.

Step 2
Label the 2 pots with masking tape. PotbA and Pot B. Pot A will be used for soaking the plant matter. Fill pot A 1/2 full of lightly compacted frozen greens. Pour cold isopropyl until greens are nearly submerged. With your spoon you will be able to push anything that rises above the surface of the alcohol. The mixture can be stirred or let sit for 5 minutes.

Step 3
Pour out pot A through the strainer into pot B. Care should be taken in this step to prevent any solids from falling into pot B. Any thing green resting in the thc-alcohol mix will leech out chlorophyll resulting in darker oil. The chlorophyll doesn't have medicinal value and only adds weight and color to the final product.

Step 4
Scoop plant matter remaining in pot A into the strainer above pot B. Push matter to the center and compact it lightly with spoon. Pour some isopropyl over the strainer and let it drip for a few minutes. At this time you may begin to repeat Step 2.

Step 5
Discard greens from strainer into garbage bag. Prevent bag from getting any holes because there will be some isopropyl that may leak out if bag gets squeezed.

Step 6
The thc-alcohol mix is ready to be filtered. This will get out any fine solids that passed throught the strainer. Carefully pour the solution in pot B through the coffee filter into the rice cooker vessel.

Step 6
Place rice cooker outside some place where curious eyes won't find it. Plug rice cooker in with extension cord. Put the cooking vessel into the rice cooker. Place the lid on top so nothing unwanted gets blown inside. Turn on cooker. Check every 15 minutes or keep adding thc-alcohol solution to just below the fill line. This presents splashing as alcohol boils off.

Step 7
When most of the alcohol is boiled off add a few drops of water to the rice cooker. This will allow the alcohol to boil off first.

Step 8
Suck the oil out of the cooking vessel with syringes when the oil is almost cooled off. Keep syringes pointed up and pull plunger back to let some air in the top. As the oil settles, some alcohol vapor and trapped air will rise. This will eliminate air pockets in syringe to make doses more manageable and accurate. After syringes have rested upright over night the oil should be completely settled. Push out air pocket at the top. Cap the tip and store in cool dry place. The product is now ready for use. You will notice syringes will be much easier and cleaner than glass viles or film containers.


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Yes. This is just a guide. The reason I put wooden or metal is so the isopropyl doesn't dissolve any plastic. It would be minimal any way but there are trolls that would be quick to criticize it. Nothing is set in stone.


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Have you ever made oil without the alcohol? Tasted alot better. Plus, there's no way to get 100% of the alcohol out. Just like it's impossible to get 100% of the thc off the plant matter.

I like kief...


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I like keif also. I prefer bubble hash over everything, but it is very time consuming to produce. The only other solvent I have used is butane. Butane is very easy to do also. Bho will not go into syringes as easy as oil made from isopropyl from my experiences. I agree on taste being better without solvents, but oil vaporizers are "the cat's meow" if u have athsma. Plus you can almost use them anywhere. I haven't found a vape that works good for hash, keif or bubble yet but if someone perfects it it would be optimal. The launch box is ok.


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There was this really cool vape a saw.. But it looked like a huge black cock. So I didn't get it.. Comes to find out they come in white. So I'm thinking about getting it... The volcano is so promising though