Edibles: why are they mainly marketed towards sweets and not savory

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    This is a discussion of why do people gravitate towards making predominantly sweet edibles when it's been proven High of thc greatly reduces when combined with sugars (4-5 hours) , however when infused with fat/protein the high duration lasts longer (7-12 hours!) Now for a little background on why I bring up this discussion is because I am a chef who has worked in some of the best restaurants in my area and looking at marijuana infusions not as just a medium for cookies or brownies, but as a potential base for high quality marijuana infused meals. Especially in places where it is legalized for medical and recreational use this is a blossoming market with so much potential for growth. There are cooking techniques that could help package and make marijuana meals shelf stable which can open up a whole new market with exponential growth! If you're u can see the curve and are ahead of it like me we should discuss this further
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    well i think you pinpointed the problem without realizing it. sweets are portable and once made, require no other prep.
    you can do it where ever, when ever.
    a full meal requires not only a kitchen to prepare it, but some place to eat it. it may be a great idea for Colorado or Nevada, but you couldn't market it nationally. At the moment, i don't think you could sell it in a chain store even in a legal state, you'd have to sell them through dispensaries, which will mark prices up to the ridiculous level.
    its a decent idea, i just don't think there are enough outlets for it
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    Well the market could be expanded with say medicated condiments, turning cannabutter and oils into powders to become shelf stable, a take home bertolli's style meal ect. And with powders they kind of do that with medicated teas but they use kief of hash or wax but there's an even more efficient way of ensuring the thc metabolizes into the system rather than just giving people thcA that is non activated. if someone who actually knew what they were doing I.E. a chef with understanding of molecular gastronomy or a chemist who understands food science could truly change the game and make this industry a wide and varied market with so much growth potential.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

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    i hope you're right, but right now i don't think there are enough places to sell it to compete in a national market. what you'd have to determine is the cost of doing business vs the potential profit. would it be possible to partner with an existing company to market a regional product? can grocery stores sell cannabis related products in legal states? WILL grocery stores sell cannabis related products in legal states? or are you limited to state approved outlets? do they have freezers on hand to keep a stock of frozen foods?
    i'm not trying to be discouraging, i've just thought about opening my own business (non cannabis related) and these are some of the types of questions you're going to have to answer before you can produce the first thing. when you add the cannabis to the process, everything gets 10 times more complicated. how close to a school are you? how close to a residential area?
    what kind of security do you have? did you do a background check on all your employees? because the local authorities will.

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    This recipe will make the most savory and sweetest edibles ^

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    I like the thought of using food instead of sweets. I myself have not had an actual packaged edible yet.
    I am looking to make edibles but with pills so I can meter or regulate my intake,
    I luv cakes and cookies and dont think my will power will win out vs a really wild ride type of experience.
    a few years back I made a tincture out of ABV and didnt get anything off of a few drops here and there but i did have a wild ride when i did shots with it.
    started at 9pm and by 11pm i was tripping.
    no sleep that night, the effects lasted till noon the next day.
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    "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public" P. T. Barnum. Nuff said.

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