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    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    You can't share space unless you are related. Otherwise, the two grow areas have to be located separately, with separate secured access.
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    jujubee Active Member

    Two caregivers can share a grow space if they are related or members of the same household.

    Two or more patients can share a grow space of the are members of the same household
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    TibetanBowl Member

    thanks for clearing that up for me. what are the plant rules, i heard there might be changes to how much you can have harvested/carry on you to give to patients?

    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    Check out page 16 of this very thread

    CCG New Member

    you can definitely get started for around 800-1000 i would say. I did :)

    enemyofstate2011 New Member

    how many grows a year can i do legally?

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    As a MMJ patient you can have six plants in flower. You are also allowed plants in veg, as well as clones. There is no limit to the number of grows per year. If you get the rotation right you can have plants perpetually in flower.

    AltarNation Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I finally bit the bullet and visited maine-mmj. They were awesome. The doctor was great. Really a stand up guy. Whole procedure was super easy to deal with. (* 5 stars!)

    Anyway, my question is: (Sorry if this has been covered, I didn't see anything about it) --what is the deal with patient-to-patient donation?

    The situation is as such: I am more interested in growing my own, but will need to supplement with a little outside supply somehow while waiting for the crop... my first inclination is to find a caregiver (better prices than dispensaries) but I don't really want to take advantage of a caregiver by only going to them once or twice while I'm waiting for my own shit... maybe I would find reason to come back in between crops later, but I can't be sure... and I just don't want someone to drop 300 dollars registering me as a patient just so I could, like, buy a oz once while I'm getting going.

    So then my next inclination is to go to the dispensary in the mean time, just because it's better than nothing despite the cost and I'm not costing an individual 300 bucks to get register me as a patient...

    Then I remembered I had read about "patient to patient donation" on this forum at some point... according to my doctor it is legal for patients to donate their extra bud to other patients now, rather than the old system which was that htey could give it to the police (lol) or they could donate it to a dispensary and then the dispensary would sell their bud for profit. (lame.)

    So the actual question is: Are they suggesting that you can only GIVE away patient-to-patient donations?--Unlike caregiver-to-patient provision, which generally "require a donation" (aka, payment) for the supply? OR, can another patient actually accept donations (aka, payment) for their extra supply?

    Or do people actually willingly give away some extra bud now and then just to help out?

    I'm dry now so I just want to understand what's ideal for me to pursue before I go blow my limited fundage at the dispensary, their prices seem extreme.

    jujubee Active Member

    Patient to patient donation is legal. But a patient isn't allowed to sell or accept anything in return for the weed.

    A caregiver isn't going to spend $300 to register you as a patient. They already spent the money and have an open patient slot. Just be up front with them. Not all caregivers will want to work with you, but some will.

    A caregiver can donate to any patient, but can only sell to a patient that fills out a designation form. A caregiver can only have 5 patients designated at a time, so if you only buy once in a while you may need to fill out the designation form every time you buy.
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    AltarNation Well-Known Member

    Thanks juju! That helps a lot!

    puredata Member

    I'm looking for shake donations, I was planning to help donator, but it seems like it's not legal. Anyone want to share some shakes? Please let me know. Thanks

    OneEyedCat Active Member

    The cost of $300.00 for a MMJ card should be adjusted down soon.
    The law has provisions that if the fund that receives the fees is over a certain amount, then the cost of a card/cert can go down to as little as $75.00 per year. (Or somewhere in between.)
    Of course this is if the administrative costs quit using 65% or more of what they receive.
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    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't hold my breath lol.
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    Sleepybud Active Member

    My doc charges $200 for renewals. That's about as cheap as I've heard.

    OneEyedCat Active Member

    It is 300.00 for the caregiver license plus 31.00 for a background check.
    This is if you are going into it as a caregiver for persons you don't live with or aren't related to.
    If you are living with someone or closely related, they can assign you as their provider of medicine without having to pay the state the 300.00. Just carry the assignment papers if you are carrying.

    That is a nice price.
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    Villa Active Member

    The law says 6 mature plants per patient but what is a mature plant? I do a perpetual type of grow one comes out one goes in. Now the ones that have just gone in are not mature. So what do they mean by a mature plant?

    OneEyedCat Active Member

    They are a bit vague on that but it is generally accepted that more than 2 weeks into flowering make it "mature". That is arguable bur as long as you don't go over 99 plants total if you are supplying for 5 or 10 patients, you shouldn't have any issues. The plants are supposed to be labeled for each individual patient also. (Like that happens.)

    budwich Active Member

    ^^^gotta say pretty horrible advice. A caregiver can only "supply" 5 patients. Each allowing you to have 6 flowering plants. If you are a caregiver and patient then that is a 36 plant count in flower. You are allowed 12 non flowering under 12 inches per patient. If you are a caregiver and patient thats 72. sounds like a bit over 99 to me. Not to mention there is no count on plants under 12 inches
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    OneEyedCat Active Member

    You couldn't just say what you believed? You had to slam my answer? Nice to meet ya!
    The state doesn't care about seedlings up to 99 but when you have more than 100 plants the FEDs like to interfere and bring the stupid. Most of the LE personnel here don't care if you are a legal grower, but if you get too large, then you will have trouble using the excuse that "The state law allows it."
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    budwich Active Member

    didnt mean to slam ya. There just seems to be alot of uninformed talk here...apologies. you are correct about raising the attention of the feds, thought we were strictly talking state laws here.
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