FBF 1st Grow Journal (Noob CFL Grow,Help WELCOMED)

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    First and foremost i would like to give a big shout out to all the people who diligently hone their skills while helping others to achieve success.I would like to thank RIU for being a medium for people like myself to "soak up" vital bits of information. I plan to become an active memeber on this site and i am enthusiatic to interact with great knowledgable people

    Remembering that this is my FIRST GROW (Started on 6/27/16),please go easy on me and nurture me as if i am your plants.. Is all i ask.

    I am lacking certain crucial instruments and information.

    What i do have is passion and a capacity for learning.

    My grow cabinet is "Home Brewed"
    Consisting of a modified aquarium stand...with the top and back enclosed.the back has intake and exhaust fans installed. The top portion was affixed with a hinge to make changing bulbs and adjusting the height of the light fixture,if necessary, easy. The inside of the Cab is lined with mylar repurposed from birthday balloons readily made available at your local party supply or dollar store.

    I have a small co2 (sugar & yeast) generator directly injecting some form of enrichment to CLONES that are "Monster Cropped/flowering clones" which i understand could be a complete flop or utter success,depending on strain and other variables.

    I am using Olivias cloning solution as the nutes during the REvegging which is comprised of 24/0 light cycle which i plan on continuing for about 3 weeks or untill roots are visible. I DONT HAVE A TDS METER
    Which is my next purchase in a few days and i have a BASIC PH KIT from Gen.Hydroponics that i used to arrive at a PH of 6 for the purified/filtered water with a PH of 6 with Olivias cloning solution added
    For the watering & a PH of 6 for the run off

    After the clones have (hopefully) rooted i am going to transplant these ladies into either 1then2 gallon smart pots or use the pots i have which i believe are one or two gallons... Using FFOceanForest buying myself 3-4 wks before buying more nutes. CFL are 26 watts 6500k and 80 watts 2700k.. Going to upgrade CFLs soon IMG_20160616_002029.jpg IMG_20160616_002050.jpg IMG_20160616_002215.jpg IMG_20160627_193531.jpg IMG_20160627_193543.jpg IMG_20160627_193610.jpg IMG_20160627_193618.jpg
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