Female plant, with small stems at the bottom showing balls

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    Hi guys, I have a BB growing that has is the star of my room. I topped her a couple of times and grew her up in a nice triangle shape. Its been on 12/12 for 2 weeks now(gave her a dose of sense spray to try and it a her), the seed came from some buds I got off a mate. Now, it has produced a lot of hairs up her multiple big thick stems and is forming the start of buds all over the shop. Now there are multiple small stems(2/3") coming from the centre lower down in the plant and the third top node on about 6 of these small stems have shown the start of balls...Now I felt like kicking fucking holes in the wall and asking for my $20 for the sense spray back but then I thought I might ask someone you guys if this plant has the potential still to produce some good female flowers after I have cut these small lower stems off? Has anyone been successful? Could I give it another dose of sense spray on the female parts left? The vast majority of the plant is still intact...

    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    Chop it do not risk it
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    Stipulus Active Member

    Yes, but what if I cut the stems off and gave it another dose of sense spray?

    ISK Well-Known Member

    I never heard of "sense spray" ....what is it, what's it used for

    BTW..can you post a pic of your plant

    Stipulus Active Member

    Its basically a hormone called ethylene, it forces the area you spray on the plant to produce female flowers...it works well and think I had missed a part of the plant I was praying. you spray it on a plant the day you switch to 12/12...sorry its called sensa spray(f&*king auto text). I will post some pics up soon...just imagine 6 big heads starting to flower with some much smaller branches coming up from underneath starting to produce small balls..
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    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    It is not worth the risk to be any plant that even thinks about growing a nanner is chopped in my grow

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    stupid spray. I put my plant in darkness the day before she flowers and I see sexy parts forming in a week, no sprays, geesh. how dat spray taste? better check your nuts when you're done...
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    I've had this happen before. Boys at the bottom, girls on the top. Pinch those nuts off and keep going. Monitor nodes in case more boy cooties show up. You can still have a sensi harvest.
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