Females going hermi????

I've been reading alot about how sometimes a purely female plant can go hermi, if there aren't any males around. Is this true? How often does this happen? Is there a solution, like keeping a male in veg at all time to avoid this?:leaf:

Father Earth

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Some plants contain hermi dna. A disturbtive light cycle can cause this as well. Its really a pain imo, just one of the problems a grower has to deal with.


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solution: dutchmaster reverse.

I buy feminized seeds, which alot of people sa have tendancies to go hermie.
I use dutchmaster reverse right away when I start to flower, then again in 5-7 days, and again, about 3-5 times total depending how much I want to or am worries (if they are stressed or unhealthy).
Very few problems with hermies. It helps alot


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Feminized seeds specifically are prone to going hermie the most. I buy feminized and just cut off any balls that emerge very early. It takes alot of patience scanning your plants up and down daily but at least you know your seeds. will produce bud


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I always use feminized as well. There's one or two green seeds in about 50% of them. My first plant was way the worse, must of been due to all my noobie stress making problems.
Like ATL Hydro says, just keep an eye out (Shouldn't be any prob if you're anything like me; I'm forever looking at the ladies! lol)


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check theses links....but no never keep a male in your grow area with flowering females, at some point the bastard will pop a sack and pollinate your ladies and then youve got more probs than you really want, as rocknrathm says get 'Dutch Masters Reverse' i wouldnt grow without it now. ive saved at least half a dozen plants with it, for myself and friends.


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Just checked your link, Blueberry has been the worse for seeds yet.....just my one plant though, but it's on that list.