First Grow in 15 Years Multiple Strains CBD Breeding Project 600w 5x5


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Looks like we posted at the same time. Thanks for the vote of confidence Jake, much appreciated!

High CBD strains do get marked up way too much. Hopefully that will slowly change with more people becoming aware of the benefits and growing them more.

Looking forward to doing some smoke reports :joint:


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Great job, man! I've been interested in CBD strains since I watched a special on Charlotte, the girl that was having epileptic seizures. Much respect for this type of grow, man. Subbed, and +Rep


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Thanks pacific, I also watched that documentary. Very moving and compelling.

I see the efficacy and benefits of CBD like a snowball starting to roll down a very long hill, picking up more and more speed and getting harder and harder to ignore.
Most people are completely oblivious that CBD even exists let alone has legit medical benefits and essentially zero side effects. Maybe some day it will be a crime for a Dr not to inform a patient about highly effective low cost treatments, rather than it being a crime to grow it!!

Sadly it is more likely that at some point a Company will be able to synthetically create CBD in a lab, patent it, then "they" can try to make the plant illegal again. Thankfully there is no way to reproduce all the terpenes, terpenoids, and the other 100 cannabinoids that give MJ it's true effectiveness.

Keep spreading the word


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Jake, I do use photobucket. I set up a dedicated account for RIU. I found that all the picture linking options they gave me linked back to photobucket which I did not like.

I used the "img" address that they provide for each picture. I tried deleting their address out of that link but then the picture would not show up.

What I ended up doing is deleting their address out of the link (the first address in the link they provide) and input the RIU homepage instead, so the pictures still link if you click them but just to this site.

There is probably a better way but I am not super tech savvy and it seems to work.


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Thanks Ego Fum Papa,
Everything has gone pretty well accept for the bug wars... mites, root aphids, and gnats.
On that note I just discovered that the mites are back in the flower room. As I was searching the plants for bananas (only found one more) I noticed some speckling on the lower leaves of one side of the Sugar Plum. No other plants had any signs so I took the plant out and defoliated any leaf that had signs of spider mites, hoping they will stay at bay for a week or so.

I would just harvest it but I want the seeds and they are not quite mature yet, maybe in a week.

I took a look back in my journal and it looks like it was about 50 days with no sign of mites before they returned out of hiding/hibernation. I now understand even better why they are nicknamed the "Borg".


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Day 66:
Could harvest at any time but I am not confident some of the seeds have matured yet. The Sugar Plum and Jilly Bean seeds are light/medium green where I can see them, I could have more mature seeds inside the calyxes though. The Purple Diesel and Jack Herer seeds do look ready. I am debating giving them 2-3 days of total darkness then harvesting. I need to take one more close look at them tonight to make the call. Last I checked I had a good amount of amber trichs on bud leaves and mostly cloudy on the buds themselves, on most plants.

Also, I feel I should update on the colloidal silver experiment. In took forever to actually get pollen sacks developing, I only recently started getting pollen from the Jack Herer I used for this. I think my PPM was too low, I only ran the generator for 4 1/2 hours last time. Just made some more letting it run for about 20 hours. I will be using the new batch on some Hollands Hope and a few Autos to give me some options for a possible outdoor grow. More on that once this harvest and bug bombing is done.

Garden Shot: you can't see the Purple Kush, Harlequin, or Jilly Bean in this shot very well, they are shorter bushes.

Some of the still immature Jilly Bean seeds developing on a small bud


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Day 68:
I have to be out of town in about 2 weeks, so the chop is going to happen soon. I need time to dry and start the curing process, I have someone who can burp the jars with instructions when I am gone. Some of the seeds are still not mature but I know I will still have many healthy seeds and the immature ones may still be viable.

Last night I spent some time trimming fan leaves and larger bud leaves in preparation for the chop which will probably be today or tomorrow.

I have no idea what my yield is going to be, I think the root aphids and the fact I seeded them is going to impact yield quite a bit. It will be plenty of smoke for my needs though. Here is a shot of them after the trimming:


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Day 69: (The pic in the previous post was from yesterday). Decided to chop tonight, as I was doing a little more trimming I noticed that 2 other plants had mites. Not a problem, just glad they didn't do much damage before harvest. As I was doing some more detailed trimming I noticed that there are plenty of mature seeds on just about every plant. Very happy to see that! I had forgotten how much of a tedious job trimming is, probably only 40% done with it.

Some pics after I hung them up



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The plants have been put in mason jars for curing over the last 2 days. They were hung for 5-7 days at 65 degrees and 40-45% RH. Got somewhere around 750-1000 seeds, of those maybe 250-300 are bagseeds/unknown crosses, I will post pictures later of the seeds and jars. The picture server is down now. Just wanted to post because I am stoked about the mature seeds I got and the yield despite the challenges along the way. And even happier to be done manicuring the buds which is a major pain when you also have to pick out all the seeds too.

The dried, manicured, de-seeded yield was 347 grams / 12.24 Oz. way better than I expected given the seeding, and root aphid issues. Got a lot of high quality trim as well. I'm still not sure if I will try to make RSO or just make a bunch of butter.


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Cascadian I just spent the last hour reading your entire grow. I must say... quite a fun read! I zoned in on your CBD siggy to find this thread, very glad I did.

I have a question about the root aphid issue you faced. Everything I have read about these bastards suggests you damn near half to have some really dumb luck and find them extremely early (which would normally be in veg) however it seems you effectively found AND more importantly CONTROLLED the bastards in the midst of an already difficult pest ridden grow. Mad rep+.

Anyhow, my question is this: You said when you first saw root aphids, you laid duct tape and found 200-300 RA's on it - that's fakkin' nuts! But I wanted to know if you took a picture of this. I thought, and still kind of think I may have RA's as I have had flyers since about week 3 of my grow. I've had on and off deficiency like symptoms but nothing definitive, and I've never once seen a crawler of any kind on a single one of my plants. No nymphs, and no FG larvae - NADA... so I'm fricken confused. However, I am feeling a tad better that I haven't (yet) had to face as many pests as you did. Also relieved a bit for the time being since you found 200-300 crawlers in a single day of tape strip being laid (and have not had any RA flyers), and I have not found ANY crawlers that my chances are fair these bastards flying around my shit are not RA's, lol.

Anyhow, I'm really happy to see a veteran grower come back for the greater good of the medicinal community. Subbed up, can't wait to see the seeds and how well your clones and future bean poppin' goes!


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this is a great journal and lovely looking plants and frost. the bugs sucks, too much more work but well done for keeping them under control bud.


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Thanks for the compliment LGC, means a lot coming from you. It was more work than it should have been but worth it in the end. Learned a lot about how to deal with pests, that is for sure. My image host is still down but here is a pic of all the jars, will post some high res photos when it comes back up.



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Cannacove, Thanks glad you enjoyed reading through it. I figured I would just document everything for better or worse. Glad it turned out for the better!

I did try to take some pics of the RAs on the duct tape but they didn't turn out very well. I did find a pic of the first RA I found.
root aphid2.jpg
It is hard to see in the pic but the telltale sign is the "dual exhaust" protrusions on their rear. You can faintly make them out in that pic.
If you are not seeing crawlers or capturing them on tape then I would guess you may be right that you have a different pest. When I first discovered them I wasn't sure if I had flyers, I used this video to confirm that I didn't:

I would guess they might be fungus gnats but if you aren't seeing larvae then maybe not. Though when they first start populating a room, it can begin from the drain holes and progress to laying larvae on the surface. You are probably familiar with some of the remedies but give BT a shot, either mosquito dunks or gnatrol. If that knocks them back then you probably have gnats.

Still have yet to see a RA since I did the pyrethrin root dunk but I know the bastards are still around waiting for the right time.


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I went a little crazy with all the different crosses. Here are some shots of the seeds, there are more than it appears some are under labels etc.

It is amazing the variation in the seed color and size, just as beautiful as the variation in the plants themselves IMO. I particularly like the Purple Diesel seeds, they are super dark almost black.

The Harlequin X Sweet n' Sour Widow is the cross I am most curious about. Got about 70-80 mature seeds from that cross and will definitely grow it next time.



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Good idea to put my name in the title LGC. Will do that for any future grows. I think the next grow will be another seed run, this time for Hollands Hope (pest and mildew resistant) and some Autos for some outdoor growing options. I vacation at a location a few times a year that has perfect conditions for "set it and forget it" growing.

Thanks Jake, I ended up with way more seeds than I thought. I know a few people who could benefit from some of them though so it is nice to know I can be generous giving them away.


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Here is how the yield broke down. The tent was very crowded so yield numbers shouldn't be used to judge the merits of the strains, some plants just got more light.
Also some were in 1/2 gallon pots, some in 3 gallon pots, and some in 2 gallon smart pots.

15 plants in the order they were trimmed:
Jack the Ripper X Purple Urkle 13g
Grand Daddy Purple X Harlequin 9g
Jack the Ripper X Harlequin 14g
Jilly Bean 31g
Purple Diesel 43g
Jack the Ripper X Purple Urkle#2 16g
SNSW#5 25g
Jack the Ripper X Harlequin 12g
Jack Herer 36g
SNSW#4 20g
SNSW#2 23g
Purple Kush 27g
SNSW#1 18g
Sugar Plum 37g
Harlequin 20g
TOTAL 347g / 12.24 Oz