First Grow Journal - Master Kush x Long Bottom Leaf

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    This is my first indoor soil grow ever, also my return to growing. I have been away from gardening for about 5 years or so. I thought I would share the welcoming back grow with you all, thanks for watching. Comments ,questions and criticism are all welcome.

    Strain: Bad Dawg Genetics Socal Master Kush x Long Bottom Leaf

    Light: Tasty LED T2-V362 (146 watts)

    Soil: FFOF and Happy Frog 50/50 mix for starting. I am going to be amending FFOF with kelp meal, alfalfa meal, azomite, dolomite lime, green sand, gypsum, humic, bat guano, perlite and earthworm castings for the final transplant before flowering.

    Nutrients: Only distilled water so far then RO water with cal mag and Neptune's harvest. Earthworm casting tea once or twice during grow.

    Tent: 2x2 gorilla tent (will be upgrading soon to at least 4x4)

    Started from seed about 3-4 weeks ago. I will catch you up to date with some pictures. Started with 5 seeds, 4 cracked. Out of those 4 , 3 survived, as you can see one looks like it got burned and never recovered.

    Just popped a Las Vegas Triangle Kush for fun. Its the new seedling on the right.
    . DSCN0183.JPG DSCN0181.JPG DSCN0185.JPG DSCN0190.JPG DSCN0197.JPG

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    Up to Date Pics.
    Transplanted from solo cups to 1 gal smart pots. Great White was used during transplanting.

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    More pics later today. I did find however some pictures from my last grow years ago, thought id share them. If I recall Lemon Skunk, Reclining Buddha and some random sativa I believe.
    IMG_0889.JPG IMG_0885.JPG

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    Transplanted the Las Vegas Triangle Kush to a 1 gallon. Updated pics, They all look a bit droopy but It was just before their watering... like to let them get dry before watering..although it might have been too dry this go around...they will perk up..its right before there bedtime. The one MK x LBL has some interesting leaf mutations(front one) The one fan leaf looks to have tried to split its biggest "finger" in half to make a set of 8 not 7. Also on a lower fan leaf set of 3 the middle "finger" was stubbed short. Still using Distilled water ( 7.4 ph) with the occasional well water (8.0 ph ) . I know its high but I have add'd some dolomite lime to the soil along with the soil buffer in ffof. Planning on moving to RO shortly. DSCN0267.JPG DSCN0264.JPG

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    Update: I will be transplanting into 5 gal smart pots then waiting a week or so and then flipping to 12/12.
    I am a bit worried about the color / droop of the new leaves. Nitrogen Def ?( add'd 8-3-1 guano to the ffof mix for 1 gal pots) Light too close? (20 in) Over watering/under watering? ( Wait till there light and dry then water till runs off) Temperature? (Was a steady High 80f low 73f, recently high 73f low 64f)
    The smallest is a Fem, but the front two have already showed female pre-flowers.
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    Looking really good dude. Gonna be watching this one for sure:bigjoint:

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    Thanks puffadder... I will add new pics soon. I transferred into 5 pots.. as for my luck all 4 are female. Great news but... I am still In a 2x2.5x6 tent.. thought I would only have 3 females tops! Haha. I have been super cropping the tops in order to fill the tent/ limit hieght.
    Once I transplanted the plants have bounced back.
    I aquired a free 400w light with a hortilux blue MH lamp.....
    I'm running a 190w..ish cob led at the moment..
    What are anyones thoughts on buying a bigger tent(4x4) and running both lights (400w Blue MH and 190w cob led) for flowering?
    I have the means to vent them as well.
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    The bigger tent with those lights should work just fine:bigjoint:bongsmilie

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