First Outdoor in Northern Michigan


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Ok heres another pic. I gave up runnin the w/w due to all those dam leafs they throw. Not a big yeilder either and smells to dam bad for my grows. Had my whole block a stink'in.....

Ok somemore purple shots. Notice the leafs are green and just the bud is purple. Thats purple gentics not purpling from stress of some type.

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nice bud but purple (and other color) leaves can be genetic as well, not just stress.
Wow. I'm an hour and a half away and we had 3 bad nights in a row last week, killed almost everything.
Dont know what part of Michign you're from....I,m in the Northernmost part of the Upper Peninsula and we had frost in May, June, Sept and Oct! Two nights end of sept/first of oct 18 and 20 degrees! Had a tarp over all 8 plants. They froze hard! Had charcoal pots lit and kept spraying with water for over 2 hours as not only the leaves but the trunk of the plant as well.....nearly destroyed them and severely affected the quanity/quality of my harvest!


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I subjected my plants to 34F lows in GR. GG and Nothern Lights went almost black on the bud sugars. My Dragon Fruit was burgundy almost black stemmed before it hit mid 50's. Genetics and cold.