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    I have no way to find out the voting records of the State's politicians who voted for the current bill passed. Let's post them so when elections come we will know who not to vote for. Especially the one who thought of a 90 waiting period. Let's show them "of the people by the people" power. It would also be helpful if we could attain a greater percentage of voters in elections. Most elections are decided by less than fifty percent of people who could vote.
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    Found this one in a news report.

    House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues sponsored the legislation, and pushed for the smoking ban. He’s confident that the courts will uphold the law.

    This is the part Morgan is contesting.

    This report states trial proceeding.

    This ruling was clear. It allows growing. It appears to all be hung up in court so far.

    One thing is clear. The State has turned their backs on people who are suffering.
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    Yeah there is a lot of bull shit going on with the laws here . I work in the cannabis business here and the fucked up part is that the owners of these big cannabis companies don't want smoking either. It just easier to extract everything and sell indica, sativa, or cbd. A lot of the companies offer just that. It sucks in my opinion. I'm all for freeing up the market and giving patients the right to grow their own medicine in peace.
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    Just found this link of interest. Depends on who gets elected. There are people with vision and they need our support. Vote and encourage others to vote it is our only hope.
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