Flowering fieldstone run at aquaponic cannabis!

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    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Hey all, so like the title says. I'm flowering my first lady, a Critical Kush grown from seed in dual root zone aquaponics started outside.

    I'd link to give major props to Growing with Fishes podcast on YouTube. Steve and Marty gave me the knowledge to get this far and be successful!

    So the tank is a 20 gal fish tank with some minows from the local golf course. Used a 10 gal tote as the planter bed. A 2 1/2 gal bucket for my pot.
    The bottom 2/3 of the pot is filled with hydroton balls. The top 1/3 is filled with soil. The two layers are separated by a layer of burlap to keep the soil washing down into the planter and then into to fish tank

    The dual root zone gives me the best of both worlds. The fast explosive growth of hydro and the flavor and terms you can get with soil. The soil layer also let's me amend any nutes I may be missing from the fish waste. Like phosphorus and potassium.

    Other then ph problems from a new system. Well that and using tap instead of r/o water. The system has been hiccup free!
    Take a look at my lady and tell me what you think of my little Critical Kush lady!

    Thanks for lookin, all questions and comments are welcome!
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    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Oops I effed up the title it's supposed to read Flowering Firest run at aquaponic cannabis!

    And I'm not sure why the hell most of the pics came out small like that! Lol
    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    I like the concept. I think you've rendered people silent by employing two experimental methods simultaneously. Plant looks good,
    I am also trying to achieve the same two qualities of speedy growth mixed with taste and terpenes of a soil grow. I have airstones embedded in the soil. It works, but is not as fast as hydro. One day I hope to farm aquaponically rockfish, perch, trout and Australian fresh water lobster. I look forward to yelling down to my wife, "Hey honey!... grab us a couple lobsters while you're in the basement".
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Hmm, looks to be like most aquaponics I've seen. Low N condition.....Nice though!

    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Lol thank you for lookin and replying with kind words and not, Hey man it doesn't work just stick to hydro or soil.
    I've heard that quite a bit believe it or not.
    Even though the proof is in pictures!
    And the guys from Growing with Fishes podcast have been growing in dual root zone aquaponics for years. I guess it's only really experimental to me lol.

    Man that would be amazing to have lobster or FRESH not frozen seafood anytime you wanted for a fraction of the price! And I live in the desert southwest so to be able to say that is an achievement!

    I also want to make this aquaponic system big enough to make extra money from it.
    My mane goal thought is to farm raise saltwater shrimp for sale here in the desert. There is a local college that has developed a new way to farm raise shrimp indoor and in large pools.

    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Does the N refer nitrogen?
    If so I can assure you it's not a lack of it. There are plenty of fish and lots of bacteria breaking down lots of fish poop.

    What you see is deficiencies caused by ph problems, it has been to high.

    Thanks for tasking a look and replying!

    vostok Well-Known Member

    I may be tempted to apply a foilar spray of (N) 2-3 times per week for the first few weeks of bud

    good luck
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    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Thanks, but I'm 3 weeks in bloom already. Maybe a little more even lol.

    Think I could still foliar spray? I have Age Old Organics brand grow nutes I could use.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Foliar allows you to do ...without doing ..lol

    if the plant don't need it

    then the chem just sits on the stomata ...no biggy

    Age Old Organics brand // I know not

    but worth a try IMO"

    1 teaspoon to the 2 pints or one liter spray bottle

    good luck
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    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Thanks man I'll give it a gow.

    IndicaDogo Active Member

    Started a swirl filter, gonna be feeding the solid waste caught in the filter to the worm bin I have.

    Also have gotten the ph more stable and closer to in range like it should be!

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