Fonz's New 100% Organic Soil Mix: Let's Stir Things Up a Bit!


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After having plague after plague of thrip infestations using the FFOF I decided to search for another GOOD soil that does the job well the way FFOF used to do it for me. I couldn't take the thrips anymore! So I tried and tried soil bag after soil bag, recipe after recipe including SubCool's super soil mix.

I ran across a new soil line in the grow store the other day called VermiCrop. After doing a bit of research and reading about the experiences people have been having with it I decided to give it a whirl.

The version I am currently trying is the VermiFIRE. I DO NOT use this stuff by itself! It runs hot so you gotta stir in some other ingredients to cool it down a little if you are using it as your base soil. This is what I am trying right now and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!(not to mention my plants loving it also.)

1 part VermiFIRE, 1 part CocoGRO(rehydrated), 1 part SunShine Mix. That's it. So far my plants are soaking it up and living like they just went on vacation to Hawaii after 5 years in the North Pole.

I also love the texture that this mixture has. It's very similar to the FFOF in that it drains well and has a nice coarse texture to it. It doesn't have that sponge feeling like most peat based soils have and it doesn't STICK together like them either therefore not causing your roots to get over-saturated with water and not being allowed to dry out properly. The only difference I'm seeing between this mixture and FFOF is the added clay pieces I'm finding in the VermiFire, which I don't mind at all.

I'm only at the GROW stage with this mixture, but so far it's growing great. I will keep updates going as time progresses into the FLOWERING stage and see what my new mixture can bring to the table. I will see how far it can go before requiring external fertz, such as guano, tea, or any other fertz I feel like using.

I will be taking some before and after transplant photos to show how wonderful this combination is. I sure hope this soil company keeps this line rolling, and I REALLY hope they don't start failing like FFOF has. It's been an outright war up to this point. Let's hope we can stay at peace.


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Here are before/after photos of a girl transplanted into this mix only 2 days after transplanting. See how perky she is now?!!


Just 2 days after transplanting into my new mix,

I am really liking this mix so far. I just hope I will be able to get by using only water through the whole cycle, but well see.



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It's feeling a little hot to me so I dialed back the mix to 2:1:1 Coco, SunshineMix#4, VermiFire. I like the extra Coco for drainage anyway. I'm not much of a Peat fan here.


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That clay will boost the CEC of the soil, nutrients wIll be more available to the plantsm
Even Better! Thanks for the input!

I have a side by side comparison going now to see if the added Coco is better or better without it at the 1:1:1 level. This is more or less a winged experiment, but I have tried A LOT of other soil and soil mixtures, so far this has been annihilating the other.


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Check all nugbuckets threads. He uses vermifire in his soil mixes. He grows some dank ass fire. I do know since it runs so hot, the cook time is like 2 1/2 - 3 months.