For all you Fishermen and Fisherwomen with broken poles, an Airstone!

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by smokey de bear, Jan 29, 2012.

    smokey de bear

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    Hey all you Fishing people who have broken poles, why not make an airstone out of em. I needed an air stone to make a cloner so I made one from a fishing rod, I know air stones are cheap but so am I.

    I first drilled a bunch of holes in my broken fiberglass pole, taped one end with duct tape, shoved a rubber hose in the other end taped it to hold in it place if there's air leaks oh well more bubbles as long as it doesn't affect the bubble distribution lol!!

    The rubber hose I used was from an old blood pressure cuff I had laying around, my other options we're my slingshot tubing or my mothers ghetto old ass exercise elastic which I am going to keep to make a 3 ppl sling shot for long range beach water balloon warfare lol.:lol:

    To secure it to the bottom I screwed on a suction cup from my window thermometer which never went on a window, it worked beautifully.

    Now all you have to do is plug in the rubber hose into the air pump and level off the magic wand (rod) so you have the best bubble distribution, you may have to play around with it depending on how you drilled the holes and size of holes which is also how you control the amount of bubbles you want and size.

    This can be used for many things a bubble cloner for one, but also I'm going to be running a longer one in a fish tank with straighter cleaner holes as a bubble curtain and another one in my minnow tank for my fishing bait/my girls drinking water. lol8)

    Total cost was 0$

    Fishing rod - was broken and getting thrown out, I just horde everything.
    Blood pressure cuff rubber hose - free was taken off a broken cuff getting thrown out from my schools paramedic program. You can also use sling shot tubing, or go buy a tube it's like 2$
    Duct Tape, you probably have some lying around the house if not dollar store

    I understand air stones are super cheap and people will be like why not go buy one, well that's just not fun and I can clean mine real easy and use long time lol Also I can control the amount of air, size of bubbles, where they will go and a bubble curtain in a fish tank is way cooler then a stupid air stone and more expensive I think lol.

    Feel free to comment, Enjoy!

    DSC_0454-1.jpg DSC_0455-2.jpg DSC_0456-3.jpg DSC_0464-4.jpg DSC_0466-5.jpg DSC_0467-6.jpg
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    frizzlegooch Well-Known Member

    Thats really innovative, im suprised no one replied,
    Id be scared of carbon fibre dust in the water tho id wash the rod out real well :P

    Htown7713 New Member

    Cool. DIY projects are often not cost saving or more productive in the long run especially when u realize time really is money. But DIY is still cool and fun and rewarding as he'll and I love it! This post is very resourceful imo

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    One thing that I have done is just make a bunch of small holes, in a small section of the plastic tubing (near the end), and plug-up the open end. You can plug-up the end by putting a screw in it, or a small wooden wedge, or just folding it over and hold it down with a rubber band.

    Straight pins make fine bubbles, big safety pins make bigger bubbles and small drill bits make whatever size bubbles you want.

    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    Be careful with fiberglass, if it's a fiberglass pole, some chemicals in fiberglass resins can put out chemicals that can be poisonous to plants, might not kill them but can make them sick.. I wouldn't think that small of a piece would cause issues, but if you see any keep that in mind. I only found out about it because i was looking into making my own fiberglass reservoir.

    Mazer Well-Known Member

    great idea!

    BurnzAU Member

    Time may be money to some, but some have no money and alot of time.
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    mattman998 Active Member

    Cool idea and it came out pretty clean!

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