French cookies X Birthday cake - TH Seeds


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Strain: French cookies X Birthday cake - TH Seeds

Growth: 2 weeks of growth cycle, 3.5L pot, 65 days in flowering cycle

Nutes: Plagron alga grow, vita race, power roots, alga bloom, green sensation

Yield: +/- 25g

Bag Appeal: nice dense frosty buds, good flower to leaf ratio, light green color covered with resin on buds. Purple/black leaves.

Smell: soft but really subtle and pleasant smell : 50/50 sugary creamy pastry, and typical lemon earthy og

Taste: Absolute delight. Heavy creamy sugary base followed with light vanilla and creamy, sugary lemon touches. strong and long-lasting taste. 10/10

The High: Well balanced hybrid high ; strong cerebral couchlock effect. Relaxing your head and body, really nice and warm effect. Appetite stimulant.

Comments: An elite strain in many ways. Easy to grow, nice production, fully coated in resin, nice colors, nice bag appeal, great effect and the best for the end : the completely crazy taste.



j to the c

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Awesome job man. I have 4 girls that are about 2 weeks into flowering stage. I pulled the boys this round. I have 2 plants that are smaller and much bushier than the others, of the other 2, 1 is a little stretchier and the last one is the stretchiest of them all, easily triple in size, but with the same number of bud sites. Just wondering what phenos you encountered.