Fungus gnats, duckfoot and wonder woman


Hey all got fungus gnats................gah. I have azamax and yellow sticky stips on order with this do the trick? I hear that sand on top of soil works, anyone have any experiance with this?

Heres my garden and just because I included a picture of a neat little strain called duckfoot, if you look at the leaves you can see why its called duckfoot. great for stealthy outdoor grows, its a newer strain I guess, or at least no ones ever heard of it.2013-12-17 22.41.58.jpg1387337978835.jpg2013-12-17 22.37.49.jpg2013-12-17 22.46.49.jpg1387338209474.jpg
as you can see something is affecting my plants and I have not had these problems before little flying bugs are everywhere.

Pics explained from left to right #1 main garden, #2 close up Wonderwoman bud with dying leaves, #3 Close up WW with the same,#4 bug under 10X best pic I could get sorry,#5 Duckfoot clone from my veg room doesnt really look like weed does it? pretty neat strain, 4th time I 've grown duck.

p.s. I very well could have root aphids as well, I see little white bugs in the soil from time to time, this was all caused by cheap earth-gro soil from walmart btw watch out for this shit I've learned my lesson, never again


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Walmart likes to sell the shittiest cheapest soil ever. I got a bag of Miracle-Gro once that was filled with ant-eggs. That sucked. Anyways, a bottle mixture of neem oil with a mild dish soap and water will take care of the little bastards. It's organic. It smells like shit though.


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If it is fungus gnats you can drench the pots with some water treated with mosquito dunks and maybe do a neem drench too. Azamax and spinosad will also work.

I just got root aphids and that is whole different challenge. They drink azamax for breakfast. Very difficult to completely get rid of them. I was 5 weeks into flower and decided to try to control the RAs for the duration. You can try nematodes if it isn't too bad of an infestation. "Evergreen" a pyrethrin product can be used as a dunk treatment. I picked up some Bonide 857 which was a little cheaper and just did a dunk last night with that and some soap and rosemary oil. Can't say if it will work yet or not.

Good Luck, many people just trash their plants and bomb/bleach/etc their space before starting again.

If you are seeing signs of magnesium deficiency that seem out of place that is another sign you may have RAs.

Here is a youtube video I used to rule out having any "flyer" aphids. If you have flyers the infestation is bad.


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1) remove all yellow leaves
2) put up yellow sticky traps @ soil level
3) do some sort of root drench(azamax) and try to keep soil on the dry side

some people use a small amount diatomaceous earth on the top of the soil
it's supposed to cut up the bugs as they hatch out of the soil, which i think is pretty cool. it makes them more vulnerable to pesticides, but i think you don't want to use too much for some reason.


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All these methods seem like they will work great for fungus gnats.

I am just curious if it is also being suggested that they will work for root aphids? If it will what strength solution and method did you use to kill them?

I had and still have sticky traps everywhere and have been using azamax, neem, BT (the active ingredient in gnatrol) and spinosad. They gained a foothold and flourished with the use of those products.

Not trying to start any debate just curious.

Also, a great way to see if you have root aphids is too put down some strips of duct tape on the floor sticky side up. They seem to be attracted to the adhesive and you can see what stage of development they are in.



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I had a slight gnat problem and I let the soil dry out and spread granular diatomceous earth on top of the soil. Gnats went away and never came back.


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get some chopstix, magic mushrooms and the movie "karate kid" you will figure out what to do next.

good luck, all good advice here not much to add. a little apple cider vinigar and a drop of dishsoap in a cup of water will catch some of them too but wont do much for the eggs (which are actually the only threat to your plants)

really gnats are harmless, they mucnh on roots which isnt a hige deal for a plant with a well developed root system, clones and seedlings they can prove to be deadly.

as far as wal mart and shit soil goes...well i have got gnats from fox farms before...its dirt and bugs live in it...there no real way to controll this unless they treat it all with nast pesticides..ill take a few gnats over pesticide rich dirt