General hydroponics FloraNectar Sweetener?

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    Petrostyle Active Member

    A buddy recently hooked me up with a big bottle of this FloraNectar Sweetener 0-0-1 made by General Hydroponics. He says it's supposed to help give the finished product a sweeter smell and flavor. It contains molasses and pure cane sugar, among other interesting ingredients. Has anyone heard of/used this stuff? Any success? Problems? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance yall.


    Petrostyle Active Member

    Bump. So nobody on here has tried the stuff? I would really appreciate any info at all beyond the memorized lines the guy at the grow shop spews. I wanna know about experiences with the stuff. Thanks again.

    smartbadguy Well-Known Member

    looks like no try it

    closetexplosion Well-Known Member

    sorry no experience with that, hope the bump helps tho

    drinkinsig151 Active Member

    No haven't, But are you using the Flora Series? I was actually wondering if I should get the sweetener from GH. My boy uses the triflex sweetener(with all triflex nutrients....Bio Dynamic) and says its good, but sounds like free Nuts to me cant hurt... let me know what u think about it Im running a GH nutrient setup, Flora Series, Liquid Kool Bloom, with Advanced Nutrient B-52, Carbo Load and Overdrive wondering about the FLORALICIOUS grow/bloom and the FloraNectar Sweetener to add to the mix next batch....
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    drinkinsig151 Active Member

    Hey bad guy love the pic...
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    drinkinsig151 Active Member

    Well I got the FloraNectar Sweetener , and Floralicious bloom today, adding it to my mixture. I have been flowering for a few days and have been really happy with the GH and Advanced Nutrient's I am using... You have to use like 10 ml per gal of that sweetener and it says to use it from veg to flower.. I am starting it the week of flowering, the guy said at the shop it will still make it a sweeeeeeet smoke.....

    nastyhr Active Member

    i plan on getting this product too!

    anyone get a good or better harvest from this??

    or can you tell the difference?
    Z from Cali

    Z from Cali Member

    I know this is an old thread, but for future readers......
    I have used GH FloraNectar Sweetener 'Pineapplerush' with my last 2 grows..... plants in earlier veg may slightly yellow..even with the recommended 1tsp/gal....but i do not see any negative effects once flowering...... first grow used on all plants....yield was to par, with an excellent smell/taste..... but is was still a bit skeptical because i did not have a comparison.. so my last grow.....1/2 w/o and 1/2 with...... with a 100% certainty.... it was obvious...... sweeter smell...sweeter taste-(but only when flushed)... the 2 that were not properly flushed only improved the smell...not taste.... the flavors offered are not exactly reflected (did not smell like pineapple)...although both will effect the outcome in positve ways..
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    JerryB Member

    Excuse me if I'm jumping in at wrong place. I read here but, don't usually comment. My buddy had been growing for a while. He says just like sugar makes people fat, so too does sweetener make the buds fat...
    I'm only on my second grow and I think I might give it a shot...

    masonite420 Active Member

    I prefer the Bud candy......Floranectar makes everything taste and smell like pineapples or berries......I had success using it only in week 7 after bud candy....... Using it the whole flowering run was too much...........Just a slight hint of pineapple on the G13 was a tasty treat.......Peace

    Rjstoner Active Member

    this is a bit off topic but also pertains to subject does it make a differance of taste and or smell from say GH grape expectations sweetener to GH pineapple rush sweetener?? anyone ever tried this

    razzmatazz82 Well-Known Member

    I've used the Floranectar sweetner, and I've gone without it. IMO it does help improve taste and smell.

    jRoCk0311 Member

    I'm running all the nutes on the duo simple DTW chart, then I add Blackstrap Molasses last half of flower. Awesome stuff! 1 tablespoon/ gal. Water--nutes w/ molasses--nutes only-- water-- nutes w/ molasses-- nutes only--... Watch your ppm when using the molasses.

    sloppyseconds Member

    use um all

    bertaluchi Well-Known Member

    I have used Pineapple Rush for a couple years now and I love it. The reason is, if you like to use bennies in hydro, you have to feed them. Usually people who grow in soil feed bennies molasses. I have tried to put some molasses in my res and had a terrible smell within two days. Now with the Pineapple Rush, which also contains molasses and a few other helpful things, my res in clean and clear and smells good and I can still feed my bennies. I have also notices that it helps certain strains taste better than others. I used it in my Bubba Kush and I could not tell a difference in taste from a crop of the same bud without the Pineapple Rush. But in a recent run of Bella Donna from Paradise Seeds, I noticed a much stronger taste in my bud grown with Pineapple Rush. Recently I ran a side by side of 2 strains and did one plant with and one plant without Pineapple Rush. Overall I think it has a lot to do with how the different strains digest the ingredients in Pineapple Rush, but I have had good success with it on certain strains and it helps feed all of my bennies. I like it and use it but I am not sure if it actually makes anything taste like pineapple. I think it just helps bring out the natural taste of certain strains.

    sloppyseconds Member

    try half a cup a gallon of whatever sweetner you like but be carefull with anything thats thick like mollasis!!!!:clap: mid way through allways,and the more the better and dont forget a good 2 week flush
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    onelegtoker New Member

    Yes I have been using GH sweeteners for about a year and a half now. I have used the Pineapple, Grape, Raw, Fruit and Fusion and now am on the Coconut. The Coconut is probably my favorite for "fruity" strains, but use the grape on my Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis strain.

    I have had people tell me since I started using it how much better and sweeter my stuff is over most other in my area. I will continue to use it

    sloppyseconds Member

    Has anyone tried foxfarms bembe, Ive been thinking about adding that to tha arsenal!!!I just realized they made a sweetner!Lol

    nmac1294 New Member

    I use GH FloraNectar Coconut, but i will let ALL of you know when using products like Sweet, FloraNetar or other sweeteners with "flavors" dont expect your plant to just produce these flavors your adding. They will only help ENHANCE the flavor not add a flavor unless you dont flush then enjoy your nutrient rich buds.

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