General hydroponics FloraNectar Sweetener?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Petrostyle, Aug 25, 2008.


    sloppyseconds Member

    Ive been using Terpinator from Rhizoflora in my organics and i must say its one of my must haves now for organic growing!

    Cabledude4619 Member

    I use all GH Flora series nutes and supplements, for flavor I am using flora nectar pineapple rush. This is new for me on my first grow. So far so good i will update soon
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    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Was just wondering, did you ever come to a consensus on that Pineapple Rush?

    Cabledude4619 Member

    Yes actually, the pineapple rush did give a nice flavor to the buds. It wasn't a pineapple flavor per say but it was also bag seed I used. So not knowing what strain it was it came out delicious and the buds were fat and full of trichs. Very tasty

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Cool, I seen the Blueberry costs double what the others cost. Popularity the reason?

    Cabledude4619 Member

    Yea probably but it really comes down to the genetics ya know, I wouldn't try to flavor a blueberry kush,i would just use a regular sweetener it does enhance the natural flavor. But if using bag seed that you don't know what it is I would use one of the flavored sweeteners.

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    Does GH FloraNectar (humic acid) affect flavor and potency or just makes nutes more absorbable?

    Edit: I meant Diamond Nectar, not Floranectar.
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    Cabledude4619 Member

    Sry for the delay in getting back to you, yea the diamond nectar makes the nutes more absorbable. It works really well along with floralicious Plus.

    intenseneal Well-Known Member

    I used the Flora Nectar a while back the Sugar Cane and FruitnFusion. Imo it did effect the smell and taste. The smell in a good way and tne taste in a bad way, was weird not good sweet. The stuff also went bad on me a few times, sugars started to ferment smelled really bad and bottle swelled due to co2 from fermentation. I use Botanicare Sweet now and have no such issues and the results make it a must for me.

    chronicals77 Well-Known Member

    The FloraNectar MUST be stored in a dark cool place. States directly on the bottle. I love GH products, great products, reasonable prices, and great results. There may be products that do just as well but I believe theres no better and considering ease of use, price, and results its unmatched. Its all N.A.S.A. uses for [email protected]$& sake! Has to be a reason.

    Dudemankidson Active Member

    Hello all,
    I'll be concluding my second crop using a combination of Terpinator & FruitNFusion in a month roughly. I used Terpinator and a Botanicare flavor enhancing product on my first. It did seem like the flowers reacted to the Terpinator by producing more oils and eminating a citrus scent. That first chop was Lemon Kush & Jack Herer. This second batch is Great White Shark, Wet Dream, Mountain Mist, and a few mystery bag seeds. I have a better deduction on the GH product versus the Botanicare in not long.

    Trichometry101 Active Member

    Congratulations everyone who's posted on this thread, youre all mentally ill.

    Everyone with working taste buds and a respect fpr Cannabis would thank you plant molestors to keep your nasty fake weed to yourselves.. Im just telling you what your friends won't.

    Yall must be growing some unbelievable nasty bullshit weed if dumping sugar on it is an improvement.

    Fucking hydro growers and their Carmel flavored fertilizers, lol.. What an absolute joke... Everyone with a vape is gagging on your fake Brix. How can you not be turned off by the black crust in your pipes?

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    No wonder people grow with that shit. The customers keep returning, never known its the fuckin hydro making them feel like shit!

    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    congrats on insulting people on a thread that hasn't been responded to in almost a year. well played, genius.

    420x024 Member

    Tell em man I use straight unsulphered fucking molasses not like they didn't do that before technology fuckin existed and yall who Tryin to act smart fuckin the game up but in your case the shit your mentioning sounds like the dispensary can't flush their bud maybe less the nutes fault and more the growers? If you need to add a sweetener to a soil grow which nutes do you usually choose? I'm asking these questions because I don't like general hydroponics or any nutrient brands infact but molasses :)

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