George Bush Snr 'groped 16-year-old girl' during 2003 photo op

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    Roslyn Corrigan said: "He dropped his hands down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze"

    A woman has said she was 16 when former US President George HW Bush groped her buttocks

    as she posed for a photo with him and her mother.

    Rosyln Corrigan is the sixth woman to accuse Mr Bush of inappropriately touching

    her in similar circumstances.

    She told Time Magazine she met Mr Bush at a 2003 meeting of CIA officers in Texas,

    where her father worked.

    "My initial reaction was absolute horror," she said about the incident. "I was really, really confused."

    "I was a child," Ms Corrigan added.

    A Bush spokesman has previously acknowledged he has touched several women on the rear.

    On Monday, Jim McGrath, a spokesman for Mr Bush, told the BBC the 41st president,

    who once directed the CIA, "simply does not have it in his heart to knowingly cause

    anyone harm or distress, and he again apologises to anyone he may have offended during a photo op".

    Ms Corrigan said the incident occurred as Mr Bush was posing for a photo with her and her

    mother at the CIA office in The Woodlands, Texas, in November 2003.

    "As soon as the picture was being snapped on the one-two-three he dropped his hands

    from my waist down to my buttocks and gave it a nice, ripe squeeze, which would account for

    the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open," Ms Corrigan said.

    Mr Bush was 79 years old at the time.

    "I was like, 'Oh my goodness, what just happened?'" Ms Corrigan said in an interview with Time.

    "I didn't say anything. What does a teenager say to the ex-president of the United States?

    Like, 'Hey dude, you shouldn't have touched me like that?'"

    In late October, after several other women came forward with similar stories, Mr McGrath

    said that Mr Bush "on occasion, has patted women's rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner".

    He added that due to the former president's use of a wheel chair, "his arms fall on the

    lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures".

    But Mr Bush is standing up in the photos alongside Ms Corrigan, which she said bothers

    her because she believes the "excuse for his senile, old man antics… is not true".

    "When I heard that was the reason, like, 'Oh, he's just an old man and he doesn't know any better

    and he's just being harmless and playful and it's just where his arm falls…

    I just burst into uncontrollable sobbing," she said.

    "I just couldn't sit with that. I can't. I cannot sit with that. I can't sleep anymore,

    because that's not true, and it's not an excuse."


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    From the look on his face I can tell he's got a finger or two up her ass maybe the mother's too, evil old man.
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    What's up with you Vostok? You used to post some interesting thoughts but now you just copy and paste negative shit from the BBC. Problem is, by the time I get here I have already read the BBC. Did you get new guidelines or something?

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    Early indication of WMD discovery
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    absolute horror >uncontrollable sobbing....then.. really really confused.(revelation!)=Oh my goodness !!=

    It was a NICE RIPE squeeze after all

    which would account for
    the fact that in the photograph my mouth is hanging wide open.

    ( Ima need a reason for my slack jawed gap faced look in that photo, nows the perfect time to splain it)

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    what no Creepy Joe Biden pics/videos? Here you go

    FF to ~ 7:15 for clear evidence
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    Komrade Troll Company (KTC) finger looking good! .. refused pay rise

    but wait heres one for you Balders :

    Donald Trump Jr releases Twitter exchanges with Wikileaks

    tangerinegreen555 Well-Known Member

    'Clear evidence' on a YT vid?

    Deluded fuck.
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    I was expecting something mindblowing, instead it was you seeing things that didn't happen because youve sexualized in your mind.
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    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    You people are so mind controlled

    You really can't see JBs hand slowly moving from the young girls shoulder to her breast, when she pushes away?

    Here's Justin Beiber reporting on his trip toLolita Island. FF to ~ 3:30

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    Steely Dan is great on utube.

    tangerinegreen555 Well-Known Member


    Too stupid; didn't watch.

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    That's fake news you fucking moron.

    And all I had to do to fact check was to type "Justin Bieber pedophile" into Google.
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    The arrival of Trump ruined the party

    didn't you notice?

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    Yeah. It ruined it for all of us.

    What do you think? Is the massive effort to cause chaos in society Kremlin sponsored?

    vostok Well-Known Member

    I still don't believe it

    its a 'you piss on my weed'

    so ' I piss on yours' situation

    back in the day it was called MAD

    mutually assured destruction ?

    or something like that

    this voting shit is no diff.

    Unclebaldrick Well-Known Member

    I believe it. It is true to type for the former KGB.

    My hat is off to them, though we made it so easy. We gave them an invitation and left a plate of cookies.

    What goes around, comes around. I wouldn't count us out just yet. ;)
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    I know you've told me that before.

    So what about our intelligence reports?

    It's all out there to be found on news sites.

    You believe it's all propaganda? Why? What's to be gained by it? Who hacked those computers?

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