Girl Scout Cookies week 10. Harvest! 3/4lb plant

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    what are you talking about? the 10,000,000 GSC clones in Cali-clones ops?
    Medical Grower Wa.

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    This guy Huel Perkins says he veggs 2-3 weeks and avg. 10-14oz per plant. Some one close the thread, we have found GOD.

    I would say a plant is a QP in a month maybe a little longer. Now, what size pots o you have them in, what are ur nutes. Bro you came at me with a bold statement. WOW! Heck my clones stay in a 16oz solo cup for 10 days or so after they root out. Then I will do some selective choosing. I take the strongest 2 clones of each strain and put them in 5g pots. They will stay in this for 2-4 weeks depending on strain. The others will be split between 1g or 3g. Then though out the vegging process, faster growing plants get dealt with as needed. Most stay n 3g pots till needed. I only flower 6 plants. I have 20 plants that are big enough to produce a QP right now, but I am only on week 4 of flower. The querkle will take 9 weeks, the Pure Kush 10weeks, the Qrazy Train 10+ weeks. About 2-3weeks before I flip, I will trans plant into either 7g or 9g pot. This is how I get between 10-16ozs per plant. My avg. is 12ozs. The querkle is an awesome plant, that just blows up!

    Well after all this negative attention, I threw all the GSC? away. Now, I research my strains on Not one person has acknowledge that. Do u all know who they are?

    So you will never see me grow that shit again. Mostly because I have such a nice large selection of strains. I am sure I will offend some other click. Also, here in Seattle, there is so much GSC. it is one of the cheapest strains you can buy, $450/QP. Now this particular strain was given to me. I don't normally do that, as I clone from seed. He gave me 8 of them. They were ready to flower when he did. I put 7 of them in 4g pots and flowered them in my 4x4. I got 9ozsoff those 7 plants. That was the first time I flowered small plants! The 8th plant became my science project. When the 7 were done in the 4x4 the monster went in. I weigh it Monday. It's definitely over 3/4 of a pound. But it probably wont make 16ozs. It just depends, those buds are dense. You shot one of those nugz through a sling shot, you could kill someone!

    Hey next time you all don't agree what strain it is, maybe keep it to yourself. When people flip out over marijuana strain, maybe you need to re evaluate your priorities. Relax, I am just growing me bad ass nugz. See half the responder said they didn't think it was GSC, but still gave me compliments and rep for a job well done. I would like to thank those people. I also respect the fact that it might not be. Thank you all for your friendly comments.

    It's time to move on, I got another grow. Peace
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    your funny good luck with your gsc or whatever you call that.

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    no people are calling EVERYTHING girl scout cookies and selling it for cheap up there. gsc is still goin for 3200 minimum in the bay where it originated.

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    Not trying to chime in and act like a know it all (by the way you grow nice plants) but in the stat of Washington you cant sell it not even a nug. I owned a dispensary in Spokane and the city shut us all down. Then they came to my house and checked my numbers. They specifically said I cant even give a nug away. So you may want to check the law. I have studied our medical law.

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    REAL QUALITY ALWAYS SELLS FOR A GOOD PRICE.. people understand.. atleast if u know GOOD PEOPLE.. who like the best weed instead of some ok cheap buds.. i rather smoke some CLEAN buds. then some commercial pesticide sprayed buds or non flushed buds.

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    Apparently they have people stupid enough to buy that as real GSC...
    I don't buy bud just because it has a recognizable name, it has to be the real deal.

    My dispensary would laugh him out of there if he brought that in calling it GSC.

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    • nicely done how much light did you use?[​IMG]


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    Why is everyone harping on this guy? Who cares if it's GSC or not, its nice fucking bud, in the end, its going to all get you stoned? You guys are bickering like a bunch of teenagers over fake shoes.
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    Huel Perkins

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    I just don't like how you act as if your the authority on growing weed, then you admit only 3 years since you started.

    Just because a WA dispensary will buy it, doesn't mean SoCal or Bay area dispensary would.
    Whoever told you that was GSC was the LIAR, not me...
    If you could read: I said MY DISPENSARY would laugh you out of there if you brought that in claiming it was GSC.

    There have been named strains since 1990 + It's not 1982 anymore, people create names for certain clones.

    I don't buy weed, so I don't know/care how much YOU pay for it.
    WA has terrible outdoor season+Colorado has Cali+Wa beat when it comes to laws.

    If they bought that thinking they're buying the real deal, then yes they are stupid.
    I wasn't referring to everyone in WA like you seem to think.

    I've been growing 15 years longer than you, grown tons before you even started.
    Good Luck in your future endeavors, but your bickering is useless.
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    Will the real GSC please stand up? Below is my GSC - I think this is legit or close to legit. In any event it's a great plant. What gives me pause to claim real cookies with confidence is that the flowers are quite leafy and the yield is pretty good. The GSC represented as legit seem to be somewhat lanky and light yielding. The OP's cookies do not even appear close (not knocking the plant as whatever it is looks nice) - Maybe the OP got the fake GSC cut floating out of cloners market in seattle?
    DSCN0913.jpg DSCN0914.jpg
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    Hey tiger mtn. I grew up on Squawk mtn.

    droid maxx
    Judge Mental

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    Kinda off topic but.... anyone else notice everyone on here is like 6'5'?

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    I hate hippies, and you are a prime example of one.
    How could your bud be as good as mine when your running fake cuts?

    I'm not going to argue anymore. Your weak, just like your attitude.

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    Next time name the thread:

    Mid-grade week 10
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    nawwwww. in only 6'2....

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    I don't see anything remotely indicating any og lineage here..... where are the fat ass calyxes? the nugg formation looks wrong... most of the gsc I had have had purple streaks going threw the nuggs.. u don't have that going on here either.. [​IMG]

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    Am I the only one who thinks 4 pounds is minimum you should be pulling off 2000 watts? And I still feel like that's pretty low. A gram per watt would put you at around 5 lbs right? So if you're pulling three that's about .6 grams per watt which, if it were me I would take down the size of the op and get a strain dialed in and then try this again. So I'm not wasting so much on electricity.

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    1000g=2.2lbs. U should know that

    Check out the shatter I made from the trim.

    This is Wat shatter looks like in ur hand.

    I think I have moved on
    1395787769078.jpg 1395787740582.jpg

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