Girl Scout Cookies week 10. Harvest! 3/4lb plant

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Medical Grower Wa., Mar 18, 2014.

    Huel Perkins

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    Medical Grower Wa.

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    That's OK let me post pics of my current grow, all GSC is gone, 14ozs was my final count

    Hey look at my current grow though I have 2 Pure Kush 2 Querkle and 2 Qrazy Train. Start of week 5 today, 5 more weeks to go.

    All gone!

    Coming along nicely

    Jack of all strain, master of none

    Doin it over and over again. I got 30 plants in vegg right now with 15 ready to go that would produce I half a pound or more. So my turnover is instant

    droid maxx
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Man I got my shit together. Looks like growers like me could care less, as I sit here and count 18 cnotes in my hand.

    droid maxx
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    tiger mt.

    tiger mt. Well-Known Member

    Nice! Love this area but a bit expensive and not a great spot to grow. Way to make bank with these buds, whatever they might be - as long as they get you stoned, I don't care what you call them.

    xkushx Well-Known Member

    gsc is NOT sativa leaved like that. thats some random ass seed lol
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    See here's another Washington Grover that says you guys are a bunch of babies too

    droid maxx

    welshwizzard Well-Known Member

    Doesnt look like any GSC Ive ever come across to be honest!
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Here's 6'5" for u

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    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    That's right, I grow indoor, outdoor, I make extracts, I am a garden tender, $20/hr cash, I set up grow rooms. I do a lot, one of those things is grow badass bud. I don't limit myself to one strain or one method. I have showed u proof of my ablilities, let's see urs. Real pictures too, not from ur daddies grow!
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    Olears Well-Known Member

    Please keep going your sooooo entertaining! I need a good read tonight

    iforgotmymeds Member

    What's up MGW? Nice pics, so who is violating who? I see much has not changed people still harping on the Keeping doing you my friend, In the words of Bob Marley "Don't worry about a thing".....(you know the rest).

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    DIY42088 Active Member

    That's fucking awesome lol. Is that your own pic or from the web?

    DIY42088 Active Member

    Damn, looks like that bud was too close to the light(fox tails, or that stacking you see in the bud) and his temps swung real low on his dark cycle. My plants turned purple like that when my landlord started paying the eclectic bill because I keep it super cold now. But they didn't do that until it was colder

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    It's White widow from Dutch master's that I grew.
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    caherbgrower Well-Known Member

    It was the same with OG cuts back in the day. Now you have dozens of strains called "OG This" or "something Kush"...
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    caherbgrower Well-Known Member

    Med grower, you do grow some great looking herb. Would be glad to pass some joints around with you.

    caherbgrower Well-Known Member

    To everyone on troop 62's nutsack....
    GSC is bunk, played out, and all hype.
    OK some of it is pretty good, but grow you out an old school Durban then let's talk.
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    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    Cookies.. everywhere.!.

    That doesn't look like GSC or what it supposed to look like. Doesn't even matter...

    I'm not going to get all elite on GSC.. In the end its just another hybrid, anybody in the game for awhile can identify this as another trend. Its a pain chasing these elities, I'm personally leaning towards GG4 over GSC.. GSC is powerful and shes a beautiful flower to look at.

    I mean really GSC could use some crossing to improve yield, so I dont get stuck on the original expression of the genetics.The only reason I want to claim authentic status is mainly for my customers reference and breeding. Some of the other cookie variants like PGSC are amazing too.

    Whats more important is to correctly identify these phenotypes and isolate the desirable traits. Im still trying to wrap my mind around the lineage of these elites, and they seem to be almost accidental.
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