Good Songs by Non-famous Bands


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Please post and discuss, if you wish, songs you like by non-famous bands or musicians, any genre (classical, punk, etc.).

Every once in a while I find a song by a band that doesn't seem well-known, and I think, "Hey, that's a pretty good song! Why aren't more people listening to it?"

What is non-famous? Good question. Use your own judgment, but if I find a musician where her or his YouTube video has fewer than 1000 hits, and no wikipedia entry, I conclude "Not famous."

Here's an example of a song I like by a non-famous musician:

A Brokeheart Pro (Jeannette Kantzalis) - "Bleed On"
I was listening through Jeannette Kantzalis' songs, most of which are light and wispy, and none made an impression on me until I listened to this one. I thought, hey, that's pretty good! It has attitude and pep, but only 470 YouTube views. Then I thought of all the songs I've heard but don't like that have 13,000,000 views, and that irked me. So here you go, Jeannette Kantzalis, whoever and wherever you are, I like your song, and especially these lines: "I'm pretty sharp, so I'll cut to the quick."

Frank Nitty

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I've got a lot of music that I could put on here,but I don't have any idea how to do that... Help a brother out!!!

Saboo the Shaman

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Demented Are Go
Welsh psychobilly band formed in the 80's.
They have lots of great, twisted tunes, but this is the first one I ever heard, way back when.

Frank Nitty

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Forget it... I just can't figure out how to do this... :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::dunce::dunce::dunce::dunce::roll::roll::roll::roll::finger::finger::finger::finger::spew::spew::spew:... Anyway,somebody else put it up for me... Q Lazzarus: Goodbye Horses... Buffalo Bill and Silence of the Lambs made this famous... Look for Buffalo Bill Dance Goodbye Horses Silence of the Lambs... Or just watch the original video... You will be surprised either way!!!