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    pellpell4 Member

    Wanted to give everyone my opinion on gorilla seeds, I just received my order yesterday.

    First off, I ordered July 4th and received my seeds on the 26th, not that bad of timing from what I've read on here. Their customer service, however, is terrible. They don't answer emails, I sent 4 and never got a response. I had to take to their Facebook to finally contact them.

    After that, their Facebook guy went on vacation and they didn't tell anyone so I stopped getting responses from him.

    Finally, I went to post a bad review and saw that gorilla posts on a bunch of forums, possibly here too. I messaged him on the forum and from there, he finally took care of my issue.

    My issue was they didn't accept my western union payment for 2 weeks, they told me there's no way of knowing who sent the western union payments so if u don't say something they can't figure it out. (That's what I got out of the convo anyway).

    Other than all that hassle, seeds arrived safely, I got all 9 of my free seeds except my critical seed was exchanged for The Widow by feminized seeds. Fine with me.

    Final thoughts, I'd go through them again, but I'd make sure to send a different form of payment. Shipping only took like a week, was in customs for about 2-3 days.

    pellpell4 Member

    Oh and also, maybe more than 9 free seeds was a lot to ask...especially considering I only ordered 6 seeds, but I mentioned Free Weed in a bunch of my customer service emails and never got any free seeds out of it like the "Free Weed" podcast always claims. I made sure they knew I listened to it too! Too bad, I woulda been much more likely to purchase from them in the future.
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    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Hi pellpell4,

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for your experience with us, and say that I'm sorry it took us so long to see this. By chance, it came up for me in Google when I was looking for something else.

    To start, let me explain my position so that you know what I can help you with & what I can't. Among other duties that aren't related to customer service, I help out members on the forums that we sponsor with orders, discounts, comps, and any other issues they might have. I don't answer ever single question or PM because our Facebook guy helps me out at times, but I'm usually available 7 days a week on the more active ones. I do not do Facebook at all - kind of hate it.

    There's absolutely no excuse for our customer service group not responding to your emails. We have had problems with emails that seemed to go missing in the past so we've recently implemented a ticketing system to avoid any confusion. Anyone who contacts us should get a ticket number so that everyone can see what's been said. I'm hoping this will eliminate missing emails, unanswered emails & a bunch of he-said/she-saids between my customers and our customer service department.

    Western Union - We've changed this as well since you've ordered & we're trying to make the process faster. However, we still need the customer to send us the name they used on the payment, the MTCN # & the amount so that our pickup person can tell Western Union what payments they're picking up - otherwise, they won't give them to us. Including your order number in your email also makes it faster for them to apply your payment (100% manual process). This is not part of what I do, but I've asked a bunch of questions about how it works, and this is my understanding.

    Now, to my job. If you spoke to someone on a forum while the Facebook guy was on holiday, it must have been me. And, if you received 9 free seeds, that must have been during one of our periodic special promotions. The Free Weed thing from the High Times Donnie Danko podcast never really took off for us. If you specifically said something about the podcast & free seeds, they may have remembered it, but it probably went right over their head. That's not an excuse, just what I guess happened since I didn't see the emails. And, if you talked to me about it, and I didn't remember,

    So, now that I've rambled on, I'll get to the point. Since it sounds like you were very disappointed with the service you received and it looks like we were at fault on several points in the process, please PM me so that we can work out something to make it up to you including any seeds that you were entitled to from the Free Weed promotion.

    For anyone else who reads this, we are currently offering a 20% discount off seed prices (automatically calculated at checkout) for all non-card orders at this time - that includes cash, Western Union, Moneygram, bitcoins & bank transfers. Plus, if you look around a little bit, you may be able to find some coupon codes to combine with that to bump up your savings a little more.


    mudballs Well-Known Member

    well done.just bookmarked your site this very day for indica strains.OG LA AFFIE & Violator Kush here i come​

    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Thank you for checking out our site. That Violator Kush looks like a good one - not to mention that is a great name.

    If this keeps up, I'll have to go begging for another sponsorship - and that means 1 thing.

    Lots & lots of seed giveaways if the rules here allow for it.


    hamiltonohiohomegrown New Member

    Gonna give GSB a try for the GSC, Don't let me down........
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    DrUBennett Member

    Personally, this company (Gorilla Seed Bank) has had way too many problems to even take a chance with so many other sources out there. Attitude + Herbies are just two I've ordered from several times with zero problems.
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    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    DrUBennett - have you had a problem with an order?

    If so, please PM me your order number and the nature of your problem so I can make sure it's taken care of - or that you're compensated after the fact.
    Or, if you'd prefer to discuss it openly here, that's fine too - just PM me any identifying information so that you don't put yourself at any risk.

    We never claimed to be perfect. I don't think anyone can say that. But, we do always try to make sure we make up for any problems that we cause for our customers.

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    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    I was just checking this seedbank out because of them carrying Archives beans [looking at some Grimace]. I usually use hemp depot but they haven't got anything new in awhile from them. So might give um a try soon after a little more reading.
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    stug New Member

    Just received a pack of beans from Gorilla. Fast delivery, no complaints about that. Only thing that was a bit wank, was having to spend over £35 just to get a single freebie bean (which would've been a crappy auto anyway).
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    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    I've been after them to revise the free seed offers to bring us more in line with everyone else - we'll get there.

    I'd personally like to see less autos & more regular seeds on the list - or an option to let people choose what they like.

    I know lots of people only want autos but just as many people hate them.

    And, thanks for doing business with us!
    Mr John

    Mr John Active Member

    Not sure whom your audience is that uses autos alot but regular seeds are wanted more than autos.
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    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    European's generally want feminized seeds - Americans & Canadians are more likely to want regular seeds.

    And, we sell a tremendous amount of automatic strains - I think it's a mix of new people who don't know what they're doing and some more experienced ones that just want to try something out. However, on another forum, someone has a monster-sized automatic - they keep saying they're going for the world record.

    Anyway - I'm the lone American with the company. I keep pushing the regular seed idea including the fact that a lot of newish breeders don't even offer feminized seeds - especially American breeders - and that's what's more popular right now.

    vette66427 Member

    Sherry, I just received my order today from Gorilla Seeds. Order #108440. Many of the seeds I received were crushed inside the DVD case. Of the 33 seeds I received, 7 are obviously smashed and who knows, possibly others but its just not obvious to the naked eye. Can you help? I sent an email listing which seeds were smashed. Thanks, Vette
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    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    they'll replace them. I don't see the customer service emails unless I have a reason to search for one - i'll pass your order number along so that they look for it.
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    vette66427 Member

    Hmmmmm...... no response to my last 2 emails to Gorilla in the past 2 days, so I tried to call the phone number listed on the website. Got a message saying the number has been disconnected. As of now I'm wondering if I made a mistake doing business with Gorilla seedbank.......Gorilla if your listening, my order number is #108440 and the number I called from the USA was 011(international)+44(uk country code)+07816329833(number listed on Gorilla website). Anybody have any suggestions? Vette

    GorillaSeedBank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Can you check to see if 108440 is the correct email address?
    And, can you give me the ticket number for those 2 emails?

    I see a lot of correspondence for 108440, so I'll summarize here, but do not see anything about crushed seeds --
    -- 1/22 thru 1/26 - lots of emails about payment--
    -- 1/31 - 2/02 - shipping/tracking numbers
    -- 2/07 - you were worried about a customs seizure - if this is you, i'm glad they weren't seized

    We'll be happy to replace your damaged seeds, but I don't see an email in our system.
    We're trying out a new email system, so it could be that's where they went & I simply don't see them. If so, they neglected to tell me it had went live. Since I'm not a part of the customer service team, that's very possible.

    Either way, I can't work this out in a public forum due to privacy issues so I'm going to message you my personal email address so we can get this worked out for you, then either of us can update the thread with the resolution.
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    vette66427 Member

    #108440 is the ORDER number ...yess thats me worried it got seized after sitting over a week in customs. Maybe they smashed the package...lol.....sent 2 emails the past 2 days with "order #108440" in the subject line. not sure how your going to message me your email address without my email address........where would I find this "message" with your email address in it? vette
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    honest 831

    honest 831 New Member


    vette66427 Member

    Thanks Sherry for all your help with my order which contained crushed seeds when I received it. I finally got a response from Gorilla thanks to you I believe. No support ticket # however. They want me to return the damaged items and/or send pictures. I will try to send pics of the little crushed seeds first and see what they say. If my pics are not good enough I will send the whole order back since I'm worried other seeds might be damaged but not so obviously crushed anyways......still wondering why the phone number has been disconnected or out of service. A simple phone call could have avoided me having to find you here and going through you! Will keep you posted by your personal email and then post the end result here. Hopefully a happy ending to this problem! Vette
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