Great News for the grower who haven't used the Mars Hydro Led Grow light.


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Great News for the grower who hasn't used the mars hydro light.
Mars Hydro Contest 2020 add a new Rule
Repost our post, you also have the chance to win the light. don't forget to send the post link to [email protected] or contact topledfactorystore
Repost any of our posts, we will also count the likes or views.

If you have any good idea or suggestion, just contact us
check the Mars Hydro Contest 2020 details:



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dear friend ,do you want to repost it in youtube?
I decided to bite the bullet and created a short youtube video with many Mars Hydro lights, always with the logo included. To try to increase views, I put it as the first video in a playlist of popular videos.

I'm asking my friends to share and watch. Maybe I can get lucky and qualify for a grow tent. The video is linked at
- does it meet the contest requirements?