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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Hickock Haze clones are starting to root.4th day so I suspect by tomorrow and the next day they all will have roots.Need to get the moms sexed so i can put the female clones in DWC.Things are about to get going now real soon.
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    Porkymcchops Active Member

    One looks great in the yield. The other not so much. Ones got more spear like buds and the other is slower growing and smaller golf ball nugs that just haven't stacked as well. Man they both smell good though.. One grew much better from seed but the clones from both seem really vigorous so I'm keeping both one more round til I get a solid smoke sample from both phenos before I let one or both go. I have a lot of Gu gear to get through. They seem rad tho and I don't know anyone else who's got em going.

    Here's the other one.
    IMG_1250.JPG IMG_1251.JPG

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    1 confirmed girl out of 9 and some of the others are starting to look like male.oh well.1 or 2 females I'll throw em all away cause not even worth a pheno hunt.
    Here's my 1 female so far
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    vic_uk Member

    Pahh.......Cookies is definatly a full dick swinging dude....and the Bandit is looking like one too! Ahh well thems the chances you take. Lets hope the Night Rider is a lady....

    If i had room I'd be grabbing some pollen as they smell top $ it is they will be getting turned into worm food :)
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    atomicDETH Well-Known Member

    Woah. I grabbed a pack of the hickock too an I would never be able to throw out the females even if I only found one.

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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    I grow in recirculating dwc.i have 6 bucket setups and 1 3 bucket.i would at least need 2 phenos and clone of either to go in the 3.growing just 1 out of 9 wouldn't be worth the electricity and water it takes plus time.i would rather hunt at least 3 to be honest
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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Pretty happy with my five little Purple Badlands, a tad over two weeks old....

    I did lose one as a Seedling though, thinking I up potted too quickly... 20170912_205847.jpg
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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Yeah shits about to get real.#1 is my girl so far.Shes the only one im 100 percent sure on so i dropped her clones in today.I always make a backup so i put them both in.I made 1 more last night in case i dont get any more females at least i can run the 3 clones in my 3 bucket setup.If i get 3 females ill just run the 3 in the 3 bucket or more than 3 would be awesome so i can run them in my other setups.Anyway about to see what these Hickock Hazes are all about.I guarntee if they are special ill bring it out in them.600WHID pushing 540PPM right now and CO2.gonna play it by ear and feel them out.I noticed the moms had slight claw when i added nutes in Soil,so they might be sensitive.DWC will let me get em right.Theyll stay in the tote till they out grow it than its on to the bigger shit.

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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Nice buds and nice avatar. :D
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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Anyone else here sprout Hickock yet?Im down to 4 plants and only 1 female for sure.The other 3 starting to look like male.Im having the worst fucking luck with these seeds..I think #3 might be a female but its getting the classic claw look on the preflower like the other 2,Going on 6th day now of 12/12 so i should have definite answers by mid next week.All the rest were males no doubt.They got disposed of accordingly.Seems like the males seem to pop out first anyway.If i was looking for males i would have 8 females and 1 male with the luck im having.
    I just put 12 DVG False Teeth in water so i can take a break from this bullshit.Good thing i have 3 clones of #1 so i can at least grow 1 hickock lol.Never know she might be fire.
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    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the compliment
    "Cookies is definatly a full dick swinging dude"
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    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    My dog is a bigger dick swinger than me, and shes a bitch.
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    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    I've got about 3 packs of hickock. Only vegged out two plants which had to be culled along with most of my garden. So I couldn't speak for hickock. But I have grown GTH x the white and I can only expect great things from GTH x stardawg. Everyone wanted the ghost leaning phenos of GTH but the chem leaning phenos of it would be much more interesting

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    Gonna have to pull my bodega bubblegum inside cause of weather. Looks like I'll have a chance to snap some pics tonight. About 6 weeks in flower
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Only reason why I haven't picked up some Hickock is because I have some GTH x Rugburn OG that I probably should get to soon.

    I did snipe a pack of The Deputy for $16 last night.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    discontinued giveaways right now!!!

    Feijao Well-Known Member

    So, I have lots of GPS seeds. Too many to pop anytime soon. Do you guys think picking up a couple of packs of NightRider would be worth the time and space? Any finished reviews of this strain?

    Thanks a lot GPS crew!

    Doc13 Active Member

    Ah, so that was you! I was watching them, and when I was getting ready to scoop them up we had a (minor) family emergency. When I came back shortly after, they were gone. :(

    I hope you...

    grow enormous and satisfying buds that make you incredibly happy! :grin:
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    kaneboy Well-Known Member

    Had to get one more pack
    The deputy just couldnt not get the banner before is discontinued
    Only one i wanted and left to late was skypilot oh well cant have them all lol
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    i picked 5-6 paks DVG from you
    everything was bomb and everyone loved foul mouth, the taste set the hook deep lol,
    thats all they want til it was gone.
    GPB had some real gems, colors went from reddish-purp to lime green and all caked in resin.
    pheno 4 was a green one but it was barely visible with all white/resin, fantastic.
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