Greenpoint seeds!!


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One keeper (only female). Gonna pop her in a 25 gallon and see what she’ll do.View attachment 5143187
She’s putting on weight. Nice tight inter-nodes-gonna throw some dense colas down. Looks heavier on the Cookie Crunch side since the Purple MAC has very distinct structure like a Xmas tree. Not seeing that here. I have more Putple MAC pollen so I may pollinate some branches to back-cross more of the MAC pheno into the strain. Liking what I see.8F8A76E5-8A3E-42C3-9CB2-76750AEACB95.jpeg


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I threw a Stardawg f2 outside with the tomatoes for the lulz. This was a cutting from one of the girls that smelled really good. Skunky sweet pine and citrus. The neighboors are already admiring her.
View attachment 5154037
Already kicking myself that I didn't put her in a bigger pot.
You could cut the bottom off the bags and stack it on another bigger pot or bed. A bit of a pain but its still early enough to get good results.