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    hydroblower on Sep 16, 2016
    This one will give you long forearm colas if super cropped almost at the finish line with this one the Tahoe definitely stands out in the bud structure with stardawg growth and funk

    Michael Woltz on Oct 22, 2016
    Mine was soooo crazy thick, like upside down Beyoncé legs, I would recommend for a high end commercial run, also great sexual stability, nothing seems to phase her

    Mark on Nov 01, 2016
    I have always been a fan of Tahoe og and fell in love with a cut I found in Michigan a few years back. Everything the stardawg has touched has been phenomenally enhanced...I am expecting big things from this winning breeding combination!

    Chris on Nov 10, 2016
    Seeds came in the mail quickly, and looked nice and mature. Got a 100% germ rate, and they are growing very vigorously. The Star Dawg male is really special, so I can't wait to see what it does to the Tahoe.

    Cookies&Ogs on Dec 08, 2016
    Great strain and genetics in this cross! Guaranteed winner!

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    The last two don't seem like reviews, but that's the problem when you give out 100 reward points for each review.
    I've only ever had to pull one review, and it wasn't for the reason you're thinking.
    He had left a review on the wrong strain and asked that remove it.
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Stock shouldn't be an issue with 90% of the strains. I've been trying to duplicate the pollinations on all of the really popular stuff so there isn't a shortage.
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    :lol: at " like upside down Beyoncé legs"

    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    That is good to hear! I want to score a pack of that Bandit Breath. I've been trying since fall 2015 wild west series release and I'm never fast enough lol, seems that one is always gone in a matter of minutes. Hopefully I'll get a pack one of these times.
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    When people buy 8 packs at once it's no longer a matter of being fast or slow

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    hockeybry2 Well-Known Member

    2 pack limit! @Gu~ haha

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    I suspect the Pokemon seed collectors like to buy things up, so they can brag about having them.
    I don't think some of these people even grow!
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Gotta stash um all

    hockeybry2 Well-Known Member

    Charizard Kush and purple pikachu

    bubbahaze Well-Known Member

    GU why no mb#15 crosses, good bring on more bandit breath and the animal cookie/stardawg

    420nstargazer Well-Known Member

    Me too. On that 2015 ww series release I had em in my cart, but gone by checkout. I've been wandering lost ever since.....
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    hockeybry2 Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I somehow passed up the purple mountain majesty on my last order.
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    I was a little late to the Greenpoint party, but will Copper Chem ever be released again?
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    i picked up a couple packs of sky pilot in the 1/2off sale just before xmas.
    put a whole pak in water, all cracked and were planted,
    out of 11 i got 11 up and running but accidently killed one.
    these beans have lots of vigor
    a good sign of great things to come
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    ^^what he said!^^
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    OGKB is one tough plant to pollenate. I was super unsatisfied with my last run with her. I had 8 OGKB plants pollenated with Stardawg pollen and barely pulled any mature seeds. Timing has to be perfect with that one.

    Had the Mob Boss (#5?) in the stable. Came in covered in mites, and had to trash it. Collecting genetics can be very tricky at times.

    Copper Chem will be released again, more Wild West Series pollinations happening right now, will be ready before spring.

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    Red Headed Stranger = Williams Wonder (Indica) x Tom Hill's Haze (Sativa)

    First off, shouts to Paco (Crunch Status Confirmed)
    I haven't met him personally but love his work with CSC. He is a very talented breeder.

    I fell in love with RHS in 2014 after purchasing some from Natural Remedies on Market st., Downtown Denver.
    Incredible uppity potency, with mind clouding hallucinogenic high. Unique tropical flavors contributed from the Tom Hill's Haze made smoking the RHS a truly memorable experience. Some of my favorite herb for sure. I made sure I grabbed a cut of the RHS #14 that I had been toking. I was also able to snag a pack of seeds from Kirby down in the Springs with Lazy Lion on a day I visited and Kirby opened up his genetic collection to me and I felt like a kid in a candy store. He was one of the heads on suerbidz buying up thousands of dollars worth of gear in the early mornings of the early 2000's. He was very generous offering tons of gear.

    The Cannabist is a section in the Denver Post Newspaper that features reviews from around the Colorado area. They along with the very talented Ry Pritchard photography have done a way better job describing and photographing this plant so I will let them take it from here: (Copy and pasted)


    "Red Headed Stranger #14 (marijuana review)

    Strain Theory: For people who haven’t smoked in a few years and think there’s a certain novelty in buying a Willie Nelson- themed type of pot, start with one hit and hold on.
    PUBLISHED: JUL 21, 2014, 3:43 PM • UPDATED: JUL 21, 2014, 4:34 PM
    By Jake Browne, The Cannabist Staff

    “Can you take another hit, but this time facing Barry?”
    After four made-for-TV drags of the Red Headed Stranger #14, it was certainly within the realm of possibility that I could tie on a fifth. It wasn’t like I was in the final leg of a Bong-a-Thon competition, lungs spent from overconsumption. The real question I had to ask myself was, “Will I still be able to speak cogently about marijuana — on national TV — if I’m ripped out of my mind?” In retrospect, I’d like to think it went well. I’d also like to give whatever credit there is to dole out to the Stranger.
    Acquired in the same trip to Natural Remedies where I got my Stomp on, the Red Headed Stranger was almost an afterthought. The entirety of the transaction was likely “I need some sativa too” and then “OK, looks good” at the first jar they showed me. With a film crew in tow, I have a terrible tendency to not be my usual, probing self for fear that either a budtender or myself will botch an answer, flub a line in our imaginary script, and it’ll be captured like that for posterity. So seeing the Red Headed Stranger #14 on the jar was a welcome sight, as a haze strain would suit me well for the early-morning-smoke/interview.

    Red Headed Stranger #14 the numbers: $15.96/gram, $319.12/ounce at Natural Remedies, 1620 Market St., Suite 5W, in Denver

    Tom Hill’s Haze isn’t generally a favorite of mine, but that’s more on the growers than the plant itself. Just always turns out too gangly, too ditch-weedy for my liking. As ornery as “Tom” himself. Crossed with FoCo William’s Wonder, though, and it chunked up nicely without losing that trademark movie theater popcorn smell. It’s creamy and packed a decent punch of citrus — almost sweet, like kettlecorn at times. There’s a vibrancy to the orange hairs that stood out, with serious resin production covering the rest of the light-green nug.

    I packed my little one-hitter. Emptied it. Packed it again. “This time with your hand over there.” By the time I was given the green light, smoking on camera actually seemed appealing; just being able to take the edge off this oddly foreign experience was something pot helps me with constantly. After the second hit, I was floored. No thoughts, just pure experience. An instant flow state. Something akin to what mothers feel when they lift a car off a baby.
    Then another hit. And two more after that.

    Ten minutes later I’m human coffee, spewing words like dark-roasted drip to the nice people from CBS who are more concerned about where they’ll find lunch than listening to me ramble about edibles labeling and Brittany Driver’s work on the pot and parenting beat. I’m also intensely curious, talking camera equipment with Dave (we’re both Canon guys) as he breaks down the “set” on my patio. And like that, they’re gone.

    I grab a seat in the living room, still buzzing with haze-like energy, and note a decent body buzz that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. The Willy’s Wonder doesn’t bring a lot of the indica sedation it’s known for, but the loosening of limbs and muscles is a great bonus to an incredibly speedy sativa.
    For those who like Durban Poison but want something a little less mentally racy and a stronger overall high, this is a slam dunk. For people who haven’t smoked in a few years and think there’s a certain novelty in buying a Willie Nelson-themed type of pot, start with one hit and hold on."

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Seeds are being shucked right now.

    Sign up will be on February 1st @4am (Mountain Time)

    Alpine Kush (Pura Vida/PBOG) x RHS
    Bruce Banner #3 (OGK/Strawberry Diesel) x RHS
    Chem 4 x RHS
    Chem DD (Chem D/Sour D IBL) x RHS
    Cherry Diesel x RHS
    Cookies N Cream (Cookies/Starfighter) x RHS
    Copper Chem (Chem 4 x Chem 4/Chem D Bx2) x RHS
    Deadhead OG (Chem91/SFV) x RHS
    Durban Poison x RHS
    East Coast Sour Diesel x RHS
    Ghost Train Haze x RHS
    Girl Scout Cookes x RHS
    Goji OG (Queen Mother cut)x RHS
    Golden Goat (ISS x Hawaiian/Rom) x RHS
    Gorilla Glue #4 x RHS
    Gunslinger (Starfighter/StarDawg)x RHS
    Hells Angels OG Kush x RHS
    I-95 (Triangle x Legend OG/StarDawg) x RHS
    Indiana Bubblegum x RHS
    Kosher Kush x RHS
    Kurple Fantasy (OGK/Old Man Purps) x RHS
    Lemon G x RHS
    OGKB x RHS
    OrgnKid’s Banana Kush x RHS
    Pre-’98 Bubba Kush
    Purple Mountain Majesty (Purple Goji OG F2/StarDawg) x RHS
    Shuteye (Aliendawg/Bubba Kush/Fire OG) x RHS
    Tange Haze x RHS
    The White/Cindy99 x RHS
    Wookies (White/Chem91/Cookies) x RHS


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    lol lazy lion...last time i drove past it there was a swarm of cops surrounding it.

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