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    Getgrowingson Well-Known Member

    Not sure about all that but I can say I’m not happy so far with the results. Wedding cake is from jungle boys. I got so hyped on it and ordered. First pack in over a year thought I had gotten past my addiction but
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    What’s your germination process?
    I use to just pop seeds in wet PT , then out in medium once there was a good taps

    A couple weeks ago, I popped 1/2 a pack of seeds, after 48hrs nothing , I manually cracked the seed casing with a little pressure then return to PT , 12hr later all had taps and are doing great.
    But from now on I’m going to skuff, n soak before PT . 180grit

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Description says its cultivated by jungle boys but doesn't say it was bred by them.from everything I read those s1s were made by some one else that was doing a pollen chuck and gu went and checked the place out and got the seeds.about 15 or 20 pages back has the skinny

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    Yeah read the description.pretty sketch if you really look at it.
    Screenshot_20180416-110403_Samsung Internet.jpg
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    greywind Well-Known Member

    It was actually bred by Seed Junky Genetics. Jungle Boyz are just the commercial grow crew that hunted through them and grow them to mid shelf perfection to be sold at dispensaries for premium top shelf prices based on IG/fanboy hype. Sorry you had issues with germinating, hope things turn around for you. Cheers!

    Getgrowingson Well-Known Member

    HE ones that didn’t pop were pale and hard as a rock I scuffed em and everything . Like I said this is the worst germ rate I’ve had on anything.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I was trying to figure out what the Mimosa was myself. Im still confused on what it is exactly even after reading the description mulitple times.:eyesmoke:

    Clementine x Purple Punch 2.0
    The original Mimosa seeds were created by Symbiotic Genetics when they crossed a Clementine female to an F2 Purple Punch male. Mimosa does its name justice with an enticing early morning orange citrus blast that will have you craving Sunday brunch.

    Tell Me More About Mimosa Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    Mimosa is known to be a mood enhancer and a stress reliever. A great all day smoke and also an amazing genetic selection to watch go through the flowering stage in your garden. You will truly enjoy the amazing flavor this variety can produce. This sativa dominant Mimosa S1 will grab your attention with her unique terpene profile. You will really reap a special harvest with this beauty. This strain is cultivated by some of the top growers in the country such as the Jungle Boys of Los Angeles, California. Grab your pack today.

    Mimosa Seeds by Symbiotic Genetics? Not Quite…
    Creating an S1 cross is done using different methods to reverse the sex of a female cannabis plant so that its pollen can be used on the original female genotype during flower. This pollination process is what produces feminized seeds in the flowers. The goal of an S1 breeding project is to bring the dominant traits to their full power and possibly discover a unique phenotype that outperforms her parent.
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    jayblaze710 Well-Known Member

    Have you had Jungle Boys stuff? I wouldn’t call anything they produce mids. It’s ridiculously frosty, sticky, and stinky stuff.

    When they start working a new line, they grow out at least 500+ seeds, and continually narrow down the phenos over three grows before they choose the individual cut they want to keep. There’s a reason why so many breeders use the Jungle Boys cut of a popular strains. Part of its hype, no doubt, but they’re actually popping more seeds than anyone.

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    S1, a pollen chuck lol?. Do you even know what you are saying? S1s require more skill than any seed making...
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Now I’m scared to order them
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    jayblaze710 Well-Known Member

    Wedding Cake is also known as Triangle Mints, bred by Seed Junky Genetics. It’s TK x Animal Mints. Animal Mints is Animal Cookies x Sin Mint Cookies.

    It’s tied to Jungle Boys because they popularized the strain and starting calling it Wedding Cake, they hunted through something like a thousand seeds to pick what they considered the best representation of the strain. A buddy of Gu’s in CA got their hands on the cut, it’s around if you’re willing to pay a bit for it, and then S1’ed the plant.

    What do you find sketchy about the Banana OG S1 descriptions? The Banana OG cut was selfed to produce S1 seeds. The Banana OG cut origins come from Orgnkid from back in the day on the forums. He’s the guy who also first shared the Ghost OG cut. The exact genetics are a bit unclear, but that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to these older SoCal cuts.
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Apparently, as I've failed twice in two attempts.
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    Getgrowingson Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t be, he got back to me and I’m sure if there is a lot of issues with it he will take care of people. I ordered because of the praise he’s gotten on this forum. He seems like a stand up guy.

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    I've reversed many a female,2 silver coins a TDS meter and a phone charger.its not nuclear fusion.
    Just cause a female is reversed into itself doesn't mean all the F1s are gonna be stable.As a breeder I'm surprised by your statement.
    And yes if your guy sprayed some collodial silver on a cut he had to get banana pollen and pollinated the same plant he pulled the Male banana sacks from it's a straight pollen chuck.
    Actually worse cause trying to get a s1 representation of the parent is like trying to shuffle a deck of cards back into order.
    Dont get shitty just cause you gave no description on your website of where these seeds came from.I think its shady as fuck you tried to pass them off on the website they was bred by greenpoint.bullshit if you asked me.
    You should have created a sub seed breeder section like you do with canaventures and DVG.
    I canceled that BS as soon as I figured it out.
    Good luck
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    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    I was talking about the all the S1's Gu was selling on the website.From my understanding it was a forum member that made all the seeds.I was just posting a description when ol dude said the seeds were made by jungle boyz.
    As far as them germinating yeah alot of things can go fucked up to make seeds not viable especially s1's.Ive made a couple batches that had bad germination and its usually because they were pollinated to late,not given enough time to mature,
    At least Gu has experience with seeds so i was under the assumption the seeds were made by Greenpoint because they are under Greenpoints section under breeders.Obviously not the case
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    So besides have to make a female produce male flowers......what do you mean by more skill??
    And all breeders make mistakes, and things don't always turn out the way we thought.
    So instead of leaning towards the arrogant side, listen to all criticism and try not to get personally involved, but be understanding, and let things be learning experience for the future.
    Also selfing a hybrid or polyhybrid, can most definitely expose recessive genetics. As who knows what or how these strains were created.

    This is a potential problem always, when you breed only with clones, because you market towards what is popular, so you can increase sales, based on popularity.
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    You could go through a million seeds, that won't guarantee you know how to select the right ones!

    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    a lot of people miss this and believe that high numbers increase chances of finding something amazing... no.. each one is a lottery ticket my friends with its own odds, fire can be found in 1 (and increasingly with these great genetics often is)

    *edit, and even with the "right" ones available, what is selected is dependent on the eye of the selector. You could select every "wrong" one of 1000 or 1 "right" one from a single pack, ymmv.
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Exactly bro!
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    greywind Well-Known Member

    I have, their Wedding Cake as a matter of fact. And it was indeed good. Is it $60-70 an eighth good? HELL NO! No cannabis really is.

    What the Jungle Boys have on their side is commercial grow space and investors' money. This alone allows them to hunt through a large population of any given cultivar and choose one keeper they believe to stand above all others. Where I think they fall short is their style of growing, which is catered toward quantity of said keeper phenos, instead of quality. They can install their system in any warehouse and have a team of oompa loompas grow their gear out. Dosatrons, one node and flip tech is the equivalent of set it and forget it growing... perfectly grown, frosty pretendica for everybody that doesn't know any better. Just my opinion of course. Cheers!

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