grow pro australia fu 63root repair


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Has anyone used this nutrient additive? i can tell if its working or not it seems like good stuff but im not sure.
I grow in perlite not dwc or aeroponics where this might be more beneficial but im using it anyway. when i run out im deciding whethor to buy more.
its not too pricey and promises larger root balls and resistance against pathogens, yeild increase and desease resistance.
I havent done a side by side so cant really tell. but my last few crops turned out great..
Anyone have experience in this additive?

Star Dog

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Nah bud I think it's snake oil, some additives might be beneficial but only if the base nutrients don't have it, imo you only need base nutrients for great root growth.
I've seen the time when I bought into that shite but my best results come from basic nutrient and a good/proper environment.