Grow room glasses


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I use oct/acetylene welding goggles. I did wearing sunglasses but they burnt out my retinas. Headaches. Blind spots. Now I use a shade 5 lens. Wish I had a 6 or 7. 8 is too dark


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My buddy has a pair of the method seven HPS lenses and i think he paid $140 for them. I got a cheap pair for $15. Only difference is the quality of the frame. 0 difference in color or quality of lenses.


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Whats up everyone? Just wondering if anyone wears the grow glasses from Method Seven? I just ordered a pair of the perfect color hps+ Hope they live up to the reviews.
I have a couple pair, they are awesome. Built a lot better than the cheap ones I picked up at the grow store. I wore the cheap ones for a day out on the boat and apparently sun screen breaks down the plastic. The Method Seven glasses are just a way better product.


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I love mine, but I have the ones for LED or cmh.