Growers Choice Afghan Spring Harvest


Hello medicinal and non-medicinal growers!
We are live in the great state of Missouri! The show me state, gateway to west. And here in Gully town the only way to get your hands on some legal medicinal mj was to order seeds off a sketchy site and grow it yourself. It’s been 5 months misery let me buy the damn stuff.

Light setup that I could rationalize: $99 Amazon 4x qb120 with $65 eBay meanwell hlg-320-48ab turned all the way up. I got these blasting off like a good Missouri veggie farmer, hardened, and off to the garden pin.

The main objective was to get my setup dialed in with a first round of autos while I mainline some fickle i95s and bonsai some power plants into mothers.

3/24: 5/5 popped in seed starter pellets and then put right in 5 gal fabric pots filled with ocean forest. Watered primarily with rain barrel to preserve microbes in ocean forest. No idea on ph but things look good. Each one pretty much had its own qb120 3000k 22” above and took off really quick. I tried to top them all but missed a couple that turned into a high top fade. One I used as a bonsai experiment until I decided that I valued the herb more so it joined the others in the hardening station.
I transitioned them outdoors for 5-7 days and then staked them with some minor lst more for wind support than anything.

They are in early flower stretch, smell a bit, and I put a flood on them in my back yard for an hour in the middle of the night to transition from 18 hr indoor lighting. Preflower veg weirdness was avoided if even a risk with the rudealis. I stunted one with overwater but it caught up, one is pretty lanky, and you can see a genetic defect in the pic on one. Hoping for the best in about 5 weeks! Just touched them with like a 4th dose of nutes but don’t even think they needed it with the soil medium. One was accidentally flushed bc it was under my gutter in the storm. Plant looks like it’s growing even better after accidental flush but wanted to give nutes before placing in final place for 5+ weeks of flower.

Oh yeah, and I went ham on arbico in beneficial insect army’s. Bugs and Nosy neighbors must be avoided at all costs. Can’t wait for my first legal smoke in Missouri and second batch of Autos! Maybe even three rounds?? I have Mephisto chem d under the dome :)



Update: holy mother of god we had an epic May hail storm. Survived With a little bruising just like my tomatoes!