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  1. Hello!
    Im new to rollitup, I came to this site for gathering valuable information from the biginners to the master green thumb growers.

    Im a 57 yr old American working in China and after 3 years being here I need the sweetness of my homelands green green grass of home.

    I bought some mail order seeds from Seedsman(HashPassion 10 seeds) and Mr.Nice(BlackWidow 18 seeds)
    October 2012 I sprouted 5 Black Widow seeds indoors(aka white widow) under a 1000W LED.
    Of all 5 startings 3 died in the late vegitative cycle. I began the flowering on the last two living and 1 was male so I up-rooted it, and last surviver is a female [as seen in the photo]

    Its been a roller coaster on the mind trying to keep the plants alive in China, I dont know wtf is with the health of the plants. seems like they cant handle nutrents well, so easy for them to OD when giving them even a light dossage of nutrents.

    Ive been constantly coming to this site gathering information of all the problems I been facing while growing these. Seems like every day a new illness was invading my plants.

    My question being is; Does anyone now about why its so difficult to grow in this country?
    I have grown indica in my country without any problems, Im not master gardener by no means, but In the US I never had so many problems growing. GOD THIS HAS MADE ME A CRAZY OLD MAN!

    Any advice or input would be welcome.

    ps: I know the law in China for growing marijuana can lead me straight to the death penalty so dont reply me with how stupid this 57 yr old man is for the extent I go to for a buzz:wall:

    12072012 011.jpg 12072012 012.jpg 12072012 013.jpg

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Its hard to comment on what's going on with your plants without a lot more info. Light. . soil. .. temp. . .nutrients. . .etc.

    On pot, despite the death penalty, I'm sure its available in China. Its just a question of finding the connection. If you're really having trouble, it might be easier to buy some than grow it.


    Incidentally Bruce Lee, apparently, was a big fan of eating hash. Of course he was from Hong Kong, but that's fully part of China now, right?.
  3. Yes! I can buy it here, but its low quality dragon hemp lol!!

    Heres my process,
    Light: 1000W LED
    Soil: an expencive bag of garden soil. bottom bag cut out and put into a pot.
    Temp: over 70 degrees (here the use celesus so Imnot sure the C temp.
    Nutrients: A small bag of MiracalGro 24-12-14. I bought off the internet beause I cant find nothing useful in China as where I cant read nothing lol

    Im 3 hrs away from the HK boarder and many old Chinese eat seeds and some folks eat hash
  4. Well-Known Member

    My sister lives in china with her husband. They will not kill an American for having marijuana. The worst is they would expel you from the country. Probably beat the shit out of you first. Just be careful.

    Do you want your plants to flower at that small? without sufficient stem strength you are not going to get more than an oz. Probably 14 grams maybe less per plant. I would recommend next time letting them veg a little longer. Put in some fans to get there strength up. Also get some good genetics. Maybe order seeds online, idk how mail works in china, ive never really mailed anything there... If you can go online to the attitude seed bank (i am guessing you have one of those things that allow you to view things like youtube and stuff the government does not permit?? you are on this site so you must...) Anyways go to the attitude seed bank before december 10 and place a minimum 60 dollar order of seeds, about 41 pounds british, you will get like 5 good genetics plus 10 more free seeds since they are doing a christmas promotion but only from now till December 10. Since you are in china I would recommend buying a shirt with it and the sweets to make it ridiculously stealthy. Anyways hope this helps.

    Also the soil you have is going to give your plant to much nitrogen in flowering. How many weeks has that been flowering?

    stumpjumper New Member

    You can start a plant 12/12 from seed and it will grwor strong and big enough to support its yield and yield more than an oz depending on strain.

    That plant looks to me like it's not getting enough light at all and the soil looks horrid.. Mix some perlite in it next time.

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Still better than a few spindly leaves, I think.

    If you really can't find any good stuff, maybe buy a pound or two of the "dragon hemp" then use it make hash. If this stuff is even half as good as the low end Mexican schwagg in the USA you should be able to make great hash with relatively little effort.

    Well, without taking this any further, LED light may be a contributing factor here. Some of those panels look very bright and impressive, but they don't use good diodes and put out an absolutely lousy light spectrum. Again, hard to say without seeing the whole setup.

    In general, HPS lighting is tried and true, and if you can get it, that's the way to go for indoor growing. If not, even ordinary tube fluorescents will work better than a poor spectrum LED lamp.

    On potting soil, you want something that will clump together a little if you squeeze it, but is generally light and airy for good drainage. Any GOOD potting mix should be adequate, though some of them, bluntly, aren't very good. As mentioned you can improve most commercial mixes by adding perlite (which is puffed volcanic glass. . .have no idea if you can find that in China), peat moss, coconut husk (coco-coir), or vermiculite.

    Any temp between 60-90F is OK, with maybe 72-82 being optimal. Too hot is no good.

    If you're using a good quality soil with any organic elements, you probably don't need ANY supplemental fertilizer for your first grow.
    Miracle Gro isn't optimal, but its certainly adequate, just make sure not to use TOO MUCH!

    So why not go find some hash?

    ngrace Active Member

    guarantee you light and soil, id do DWC with bottled water, even the air probably kill them in china :)
  8. I bought seeds from Seedsman and their delivery was quick nd rapid, I was very impressed with their service. They sell many breeders packs as seen in photo
    View attachment 2434152 I have 10-Afghan#1 seeds, 10-AfghanKush seeds, 10-SeedsmanWhiteWidow.
    and Photo not shown I have 10-Seedsman HashPasion seeds, 18-MrNice BlackWidow seeds.
    I will be starting them all indoors then transplanting them outdoors in late may. I found a perfect stealthy area to plant them.

    This plant grew very fast in my opinion. Its 14 inches tall at 8 weeks old and been tied down to force flowering on lower buds, Its been flowering for 2 weeks now. Maybe its just me but it seems this thing has been developing fast.
  9. My soil is;
    Peat 30% -
    perlite 10%
    Vermiculite 5%

    I wont buy off hash or weed here due to fear of getting busted. Better to be paranoid right?

    Sometimes the streets and clubs are too heated-up on foreigners

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    looks like you trim on them a bit... The MG you are using is good for veg but for flowering your going to need something like 2-4-6.

    USA puts fluoride and chlorine in there water despite RO it does not take it all out. These trace elements MJ has evolved to need at first people bread strains to tolerate it now they need it example ChemDog

    I would have bought some GH online the floral series just micro and bloom. Ratio 1 part micro 2 part bloom is 1-1-1.6 I use that for veg and 1 part micro 3 parts bloom for budding 1-1.5-2.3 #-#-# = N-P-K

    GH works well everywhere witch is why NASA uses it on the space station.

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    oops these N P K are the amounts not the USA format where P is P[SUB]2[/SUB]O[SUB]5[/SUB] and K is K[SUB]2[/SUB]O
    ratios would be like veg 1-2.3-2 and flower 1-3.4-2.7

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    1 part micro 1 part bloom is 2-1-2 witch is 2-2.3-1.7 anyways I really like GH haha if you don't use the grow part you don't need additives.
  13. This plant grew very fast in my opinion...
    Its 14 inches tall at 8 weeks old and been tied down to force flowering on lower buds.
    Its been flowering for 2 weeks now.
    Maybe its just me but it seems this thing has been developing fast.
  14. Well-Known Member

    These plants are 19 days old. They are under two 400 watt MH lights. You need better lighting... It shouldnt be hard to find reliable cheap chinese manufactured hydro grow lights. Not LEDs, but Metal Halide (for veg) and High pressure sodium (for flowering). One 400 watt can support 4-6 small plants and 1-3 large plants.

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    Ric Haze

    Ric Haze Member

    I often find myself in your position, I am living in a third world country, needing better quality medications.
    Ive learned to become very inventive as well. I am lucky for one thing however, Panama is a growers dream come true, once one learns the go arounds.

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Dude, what part of China are you in?

    Tuff shit...I'm going to say it anyway.... Your 57 and think it's all BS.. Blah, Blah
    You know the Law and I know the Law there too.
    Not worth the risk. Forget weed and go to the Massage parlors...maybe you know what I mean.

    I'm not sure if you can search CCTV9 for news from 2005. If you can, look for Smugglers caught..2 Nigerians and 2 Mainland Chinese. The judgement was handed down that day and punishment carried out the next on all 4. (Death)
    Very unlucky for those Nigerians. But, you being from the USA. I think a death sentence won't happen. Probably, go to jail for a bit and pay a fine. Then deported and Banned from the country. But, don't worry... the US Embassy will send someone to visit you every 30 to 60 days.

    Enough said.... Enjoy your grow.

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    hows it going??? plants alive?

    thegreensurfer Well-Known Member

    They keep dying because they have to breathe Chinese air, and drink Chinese water.

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Plants + Chinas level of smog = death, but hey you get your plastic toaster right?

    bamacheese Well-Known Member

    Lol...You should see the mushrooms we get from China at the pizza place I work at. They look nuclear-enriched to say the least :?

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