Growing Marijuana In China

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    The most helpful advice I can give you is this...

    Buy a bag of Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. Get yourself sufficient lighting...I prefer T5's for seedlings, then at least 250 watts Metal Halide for vegetation. Make sure you leave your water sitting out over night to evaporate the chlorine. Test for chloramine to make sure you don't need to remove chloramine, which WON'T evaporate. Flower with an HPS light. Order your genetics from Attitude. If you want something you can't go wrong with, I would recommend DNA genetics or TGA. If you do all of this, you will have some marvelous pot to smoke. Regardless of the smog and air quality, which I'm sure is over exaggerated in the first place.

    I emphasize buying the Happy Frog! It is all organic, and I have pulled of multiple grows only feeding the plants one time with a low dose of organic fish emulsion. Get rid of the Miracle Grow, and put nature's love into your plants.

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    she looks healthy and you seem to have a good set up and good nutes and soil.

    not to harsh your mello brother, but you realize the yeild on that plant will be so small that you'll do a face palm considering all the hassel you went through right? having said that, i do understand the pleasure of growing your own no matter the yeild.

    i thought the soil might be too hot for what you're trying to grow but you said you lost them in late veg so i'm assuming the seedlings did ok. with good nutes and ok soil, there is no reason that they shouldn't have lived a good life. you must have done something to them to kill them. too much nutes or something. were there any bugs? it's hard to kill a healthy plant in late veg cycle.

    i'm so curious about how an american is living in mainland china. have things loosened up that much or do you have a special skill that allows you a temp visa? are there any vets from the vietnam war who jumped ship and ended up in china?

    best of luck to you. i'd be worried that every house girl/cabby etc., is hooked up to the police.

    when 3 plain clothes cops raided our bungalow in thailand, once we paid them off and became best buds, they told us that our housegirl told them about us. the bitch also placed a film can of pot on the table just in case they couldn't find our stash.

    EDIT: just realized you're using LEDs.

    stop it!

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    You still around fella? You dissapeared?

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    Just wondering where you got the seeds delivered to? Risky business???

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    Hi Mate,
    I also reside near by to you, Im an expat living in Hong Kong for the past decade.
    Lets meet up in China or Hong Kong?
    Drop me a line


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    I think they found him and he was beheaded :shock:

    gawd i hope not

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    The nutrients from China ? I would guess maybe that may be the problem ?
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    The op has been waiting 5 years for this advice. Bravo, sir.
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    Is the OP still alive?

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    Guess he got busted. It's Off With His Head!

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    Wow, this is OLD.
    I think, he be gone.:shock:
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    O.P is out on the silk road...

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    Lychee anyone ...

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