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    What do yall think about this spot, between a suburban subdivision backyard fences and a medical building seen as the brick building with AC units. The main ppl I am concerned about are workers who maintain the building's yards and trees and weed whack the curbs there. 20151227_152048.jpg Screenshot_2015-12-27-15-48-03.png 20151227_152048.jpg Screenshot_2015-12-27-15-48-03.png

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    Anything can be done if you think about it high as a Get the biggest trash bags. Like the huge ones for years leaves. Put it over your plant and fill that bitch up like a balloon. Did this to one the first year we came up with or herd about. Did one out of the 5 at that spot. same cloned plants at the time same size. Holy shit did it work. It dwarfed the other four.

    Of course you can't bring a co2 generator out there. But you can drag a tank out there
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    haha true dat!

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    i wouldnt waste my time of putting plants there. they are gonna reek if they make it far enuff before getting found. there will be workers there mowing grass and everything. if u do decide to put it there u best make up extra plots for when they find those.
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    What about diffusion netting?

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    Where do you live that you would consider that spot? No woods or remote area? Heres a disguise that has work for me before as funny as it is. Plastic Put big yellow, Pink whatever... flowers on your plants. Only works for plants that no one will be right on top of. Helicopters go right on by them without thinking twice.
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    You forgot the booby traps. Where's the guerilla part of all this?

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    heres a blue dream and a ghosttrain growen guerrilla style
    i lst them and tryed to camouflage them especially the blue dream as people walk pretty much right past and dont see it, surely they smell it though as i do.
    Surprised they havent been seen but goes to show what you can get away with.

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    Great guide

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    gorilla grows always have their challenges but can yeild massively. good info here.
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    Guerilla grower myself - interesting thread. Lots of good topics covered! I know this is an old thread but I'm new to this site and just wanted to read/comment around.

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    Agreed. The yields are exponentially greater than indoor grows. I know this from experience on both indoor, and outdoor grows. Here is a TrainWreck I grew and yielded just shy of 2lbs dry/cured! Blew my mind.

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    Bravoooo! :) Very interesting thread.

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    Planting between two suburban fences isn't "guerilla" I doubt they make it 2 weeks without someone against pot seeing the jagged leaves, they will be like DEAR GOD, A MARIJUANA! IN MY GOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD! And rip it out lol or someone will take ur plants n put them in your house or something. There is nowhere within a city that u could plant that won't have anybody walking or looking for the whole season, period. Alot of people can't pull it off even in their own fenced backyard let alone a random fenceline by a hospital man come on. They will not make it
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    Well said. Don't waste your time getting close to harvest just to come back one day and it's gone. Drive 10 minutes somewhere and put her in a spot where it is not LIKELY for anyone to cross paths for 12 mo. That's how I gauge my guerilla site selections, personally.

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    Avoid cleaning the area too much around the plants,or planting in straight lines its not very often any thing grows in straight lines in nature,by leaving low growing plants like nettles ext to grow around the plant's then from above it looks green,if you go on google earth, and look at some of the grows in mendo,they stand out like asore thumb,fair play there legal,but the ones i have seen out doors tend to be clean around them.Also rubbish take all rubbish with you,you carried it in full so it was a lot heavy then carrying it out,I cammo ever thing even down to my cage's i put around the plant's,Never tell anyone what your doing,because no matter how much you trust them unless its someone like your wife/husband .But,girlfriends i would never tell ,even more so if your young, or they will tell someone there close to and then it just continues.And believe it or not i watch some of my out door plants when they get to a nice size on google earth great thing to use for finding good plots too,


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