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    Hi everyone, hope im posting in the right place. Can anyone help me with identifying whats wrong with this plant?
    Lights: CFL's and only about 160w total spread over 5 bulbs for 1 plant(3 x 45w(2700k) 2 x 23w(6500k)). Recently added home-made Cree LED(2700k) running at 50w on a LED driver
    16hr on 8hr off
    Growing media: Soil; Canna plus
    Stage of growth: Veg
    Nutrients: Biobizz veg(currently using) and bloom(obviously not using till flower, although i put a spot in once or twice beacause it had other elements the veg didnt have for e.g boron, magnesium and iron(I think it was them anyway)This was in the hope it would correct a def)
    Ive used epsom salts too to see if the problem was magnesium or sulfur(ive read in a guide that epsom salts helps these)
    I cant really afford to spend loads on bottles of stuff for it so ive tried some organic kelp that we use in our smoothies as I read seaweed is the main extract in a lot of cannabis bottled stuff to help with diseases.
    I understand Ive probably gone the wrong way about it to find out whats wrong hitting it with all this stuff, i have to admit I pretty much was panicking without thinking to deeply and sort of hoping it would fix itself as i have a friend that uses almost identical inventory and his are absolutely fine.
    I didnt at first but after a while i started when my issues began with checks to the ph of the water fed to them( fluctuates out the tap at 7.2-8, nutrients lower it by 0.6ish usually which is enough when its out the tap at 7.2-7.4ish but if the water comes out the tap at 8 ill drop a few drops of lemon juice in there too, to bring it down a little bit, i know some people say no to that but ive seen at the same time that others swear it works fine instead of ph down. Run off ph is usually between 6.6-7 btw.)
    Theres pc fans blowing over the very top of the canopy.
    canopy temps when lights on are between 23c and 28c.
    when lights off they are between 18c and 21c although recently they have been going down to 16c but never below and i believe that to be the threshold sort of for the lower temp range
    I have a carbon filter on a 4 inch fan(exhaust) and a couple of little pc fans as an intake(read that bigger exhaust and smaller intake creates negative pressure so if there are any air leaks it wont let the smell escape still)
    ok now the embarrasing bit, its been 'alive'(barely lol) for like 5 months ive low stress trained it quite a bit but its still only like the size of an asda carrier bag when full, obviously whatever my problem is most definitely stunts growth.
    (Just to be clear btw, I have read for hours and hours and days and days but no matter how much i try to compare my problems with other peoples and like guides and stuff i always come to the conclusion that mine looks like it but not quite bang on. For me its been like looking up whats wrong with yourself on the internet and then finding out you have a hundred different things wrong!!!
    Watering every 4-7 days depending on the weight of the pot.

    From what I can see...

    Used to have loads of big fan leaves, now it hasnt, most of the new growth is small leaves
    whole plants gone a weird light green
    Slight burning on 40%-60% of the plants leaf tips(im using less nutrients than biobizz states)
    Some of the yellow leaves have a pink/purple colouring to them
    Some leaves are yellowing like what looks to me like a nitrogen deff(slowly going yellow evenly no necrotic spots or anything they just look healthy apart from going yellow)
    Brown patches on alot of the yellow leaves but also some of the more greener ones
    Some of the leaves have pink/purple veins regardless of whether they are yellow or green still

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and if ive broke any rules im unaware of please let me know and ill correct them as i dont want to be a pain to the site! IMG_8728.JPG IMG_8722.JPG IMG_8718.JPG IMG_8719.JPG IMG_8725.JPG
    greg nr

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    The only thing that can be stated unequivocally is you have dfp syndrome (dying f'in plants).

    It looks like nute burn in some cases, but could be a deficiency in others. What ppm are you feeding, how often (every watering or do you skip some), and what is the humidity in the grow space?

    thc-a Member

    Haha yeah I think your right :(. I skip feeding every 3 waterings, honestly ppm isn’t something I’ve been measuring as people have said the 10-20pound cheap ones don’t work and that’s all I’d be able to buy. I know it’s not the quite the same as ppm but I’ve been feeding it 1ml of the biobizz veg per litre and it’s say 1-2ml per litre. My humidity has been pretty stuck between 40-50%. Thanks for the quick reply.
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    feed-water-water-water is good, but you really need to know the ppm or ec of your feed. Also, how much n-p-k and micro's are in each feeding. You could be high on one and starving another.

    The reason I asked about the humidity is that when it's low, the plant drinks a whole lot more and you can burn it that way. but if you aren't over feeding, it could be the mix of nutrients or some other issue, like pests. Root aphids will do what you are seeing for example.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    they show signs of bad over may have root rot. try using some hydrogen peroxide in your water. if you use the 3% stuff from the store, use 15ml per gallon. not saying thats what it is for sure, but the hydrogen peroxide won't hurt anything if its not.
    if your soil is dense and doesn't drain well, your roots will slowly rot, and the growth above the ground will suffer. i'm not familiar with the soil you're using, but i've never met a bag of soil that wouldn't profit from a good dose of perlite.
    it just show all the signs of a poorly developed root system. i'd say get some sand or perlite, and repot into a slightly larger pot, with a much airier mix

    thc-a Member

    Well, according to the biobizz feed bottle it says 4-3-6 for npk. It doesn’t mention anything about other ingredients. I’ve had a good look at the plant and can’t see any pests, but I presume they can be very hard to spot. Also on the hydrogen peroxide, I read it can harm beneficial bacteria so I opted for cannazym as that’s supposed to be similar(dissolves dead roots and in turn unlocks any nutrients). I’m hoping this will do something at least because it does say you can use it for any plant that has had any stress as a sort of health kick for it too. Apparently the enzymes in it are good for these beneficial bacteria too, do any of you guys have any experience with this stuff? Also I’ve order some perlite to airate more and one of them material/fabric pots in hope this allows oxygen to the roots more too as it’s breathable and it might help evaporate some water quicker. Hopefully this last ditch attempt will suffice, thanks for the input if you come up with anything else in the mean time, I’ll be listening

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    Received my perlite and new pot, when I re-potted I noticed that there were no roots circling the pot to indicate it being root bound. I very carefully knocked a very small amount of soil off the roots and they didn’t seem to have any sort of slime or bad smell, also the root mass seemed strong(hard to break soil away from it). I should of took photos but I never thought at the time. They didn’t look bright white but they didn’t look brown either, the best I can say is they were inbetween, to me they looked healthy.. no obvious signs of upset!
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    Take a couple of clones while you can. That bad boy's a hurtin'. You've done so much it's hard to say. But, far fewer plants get hurt from underfeeding than overfeeding. Same with water.

    thc-a Member

    Yeah, I’m brand new to this so I tried to get as much right as possible but I think I went over the top with it in the wrong areas. I’ll try taking cuttings and see if I can get another one going, I’m just gutted I’ve ‘wasted’ all this time! Still looking to save this one though as well if possible, so if anyone else still wants to say their piece feel free!
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    Ablaze Well-Known Member

    Don't give up on her! But at this point taking a few branches won't hurt and might give you a head start on your next grow.

    Terry385 Well-Known Member

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    Sapphyre Active Member

    Are you on a well or municipal water source?
    Sorry she is looking so sad :(
    What were the first things that started to go wrong? Late stage problems can look like SO many things...sometimes thinking back is more helpful?
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    I only skimmed but wanted to address this if it was not already.
    The inexpensive ppm or E/C tester for water is very reliable for a very long time in most cases.
    It is the inexpensive PH meter that usually breaks quite easily when not properly cared for.
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    thc-a Member

    I definitely won’t not just yet anyway! I’m just on plain old tap water nothin fancy. The first thing if I remember correctly was probably the brown spots/patches and then parts of the plant went a lighter green but the rest stayed normal, as daft as it sounds at first I just put the colour change down to the placement of the different colour(kelvin) bulbs over the plant because I was clueless! Well now I know that I’ll order one ASAP, at least I’ll know exactly what I’m feeding then. Once again.. thanks and I’ll keep checking this thread

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    Maybe these will help?
    Reposts saved from various places across the web :)
    If not this time - next time :))



    IMG_6204.PNG IMG_6207.PNG
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