Help me(pics ) is my plant stretching and is the growht good for 11 days olds

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    aashgonnatrash Member

    This is the link for the pictures of my plants :
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I am using 600W HPS bulb, growing in 30% perlite 70% coco,
    These are Northern Lights Autoflowering
    3 of the seedlings are 11 days old.
    1 is 2 days old.
    Please see the pictures and tell me how they are doing ?
    Is it good growth for 11 days ? also do you think plants are stretching ?
    Is the light at good distance or I should decrease the distance
    I have only fed 250PPM cal mag to them 2 times only.
    I have humidity around 35%
    temperature 20-25 celsius
    Pot Size is 3 gallons
    ph is 5.7 -5.9
    I keep the lights on for 20 hours and off for 4 hours
    Please give me suggestions. Ihave only fed it Advanced nutrients grow micro bloom 1/2 of the strength written behind the box. They are responding fine...

    MickFoster Well-Known Member

    I can't see any pics, but if your plants are stretching, the light is too far away. I prefer to use a t5 fixture for early growth because it eliminates any stretching.

    markyboy45 Member

    Im a first time grower i've been asking questions and watching guides on growing.

    1) I think your humidity is to low. most guides suggest around 40% minimum and 50% to be good. personally my humidity is in the 60% having trouble getting it down. But i guess it can depended on the type of plant too.

    2) PH your water after you add your nutrients cause it tends to change sometimes, in my case it does. i don't have access to good nutrients so i use the crappy 20 20 20 stuff at a fraction of the recommendation about 15% 20% of the recommended amount.

    3) Lights is best at 18/6 for most strains, auto flowers can go 24 hours.

    4) for the 2 day old seedling. i don't think your spose to give them nuts untill about two weeks into the grow. that's what i did with mine and that's what most of what i've read and saw said.


    This is my grow set up for now, still not complete i need to get my fans still.

    i have a 600w King Plus LED and i kept it about 12 inches from my plant, i moved it tonight because i think their starting to slow growth. it's my first grow. their in week two of veg day 3 and have 3 sets of nods and are very tightly packed together id say.

    I moved the lights up about a foot more tonight will see what happens in a few days. one of them is shorter than the other one. im guessing its because of the way i transplanted it must have shocked it or something it hasn't moved much but still has about 3 nods on it.

    PH 6.0
    nuts 20 20 20 npk value . i no its crap but all i can get my hands on here.
    light 18/6

    I know there's a lot of things i need fixing my self but hopefully the girls make it to flowering and produce some good buds.

    Hope my info helped you.
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    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    Higher humidity is fine in veg, actually preferable, 60% is GOOD! Flowering is when the humidity needs dropping dudes! 40-50% in flower and if you can 30% late flower! Yup always ph after adding nutes, nutes tend to bring ph down so if the water is of a high ph you’ll find it will balance out well but you still need to double check with a ph pen/meter, also 18/6 all the way! Best results for me! Plants need to sleep no matter what imo. No nutes until proper veg stage begins and make sure the soil is soft and not too nutrient heavy and it will burn and kill seedlings!! Happy growing !! :) I found perfecting dry/cure is where growing matters the most!!

    markyboy45 Member

    how can i control the humidity with out a dehumidifier. i want to spend as little on electricity as possible, so I'm limiting the amount of appliances in the grow room. Don't want the expense to exceed the value of the buds ill be getting. the little set up i have already cost me more than expected, with shipping the items to this location.

    Humidity during the day goes from the 50%s to 60%s at night with lights off it goes up to 80% and stays around there till morning.

    I"m concerned about the humidity levels at night during flowering, the generators powering this place already went out a few times this week so i have the ladies out side for some fresh air and sunshine. ( think of my location as more of a base than a home, no details will be given ;)).

    charface Well-Known Member

    You don't always see a great return
    On investment the first run.

    Think 10 runs from now how many times over your investment will have
    Paid for itself and more.

    markyboy45 Member

    that is very true. I guess ill add a few more bucks into it. when im able to order things in again.

    do you have any advice on the following items.

    a small dehumidifier -
    a humidity auto controller system- for turning power on and off a dehumidifier based on % settings
    a small carbon filter system with low cfm - was planning on making one but i was advised buying one would be better in the long run also.

    those items are still missing from my little grow op.

    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    Yeah man best with a dehumidifier, opening windows is good but is never really an option if in a closet or tent, it’s harder to bring down humidity than it is to raise it without electrical help! it’s worth the investment if you want to reap the rewards, just like borrow one of your mum or uncle or someshit :)

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