Help my design my 2*10x20 Gorilla Grow Tent

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    Hi All,

    So I am able to finally setup my medical grow tent. The space has about 100 amps and is pretty big, so I want to setup a top of the line gorilla grow tent 10x20 with 2 ft extenion maybe two with Veg tent as well. I need help compiling a list of equipment that is needed for this space with so I want to go all out with a fairly large budget. I was thinking about the following to start.

    I was thinking about a Veg tent as well.
    10x20 gorilla grow tent with 2ft height extension
    12k btu Dual hose AC (I own already)
    Co2 tank or burner
    RO Water Filter
    50 o r 100 Gallon res Tank
    Bluelab Guardian Monitor
    10x1000W HPS Phontoms with bulb
    1 Dehumidifier 50-70 Pint
    12 site Light Controller HID Hub
    Inline duct Fan with speed controler (open to suggestion for brand and CFM)
    Carbon Filter (open to suggestion for brand)

    I was thinking about going hydro drip system.

    I know I am missing alot of little things like timers and pumps ect.... but I can pick those up at my local hydro shop.

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    Can anyone tell me if this setup will have heat issues? Base from what im reading the AC cannot handle that amount of lights.

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    sorry holidays been slacking new gaming computer

    ok lets see
    so u are 10x20x8 1600 cfms .....u have 100 amps .....and a 2nd one for veggie

    yah this whole thing is not going to work ........u are under powered at 100 amps

    what is the total size of the area ......what type of area is it u own it

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    So i am going to add the 2 feet extension to go to almost 10ft. I can go with out veg room.

    this is a warehouse that my buddy let me have the back area to work for my collective. I just want to know what the optimal setup for this 10x20x10?

    my buddy wont allow any build out so tent is the only way to go
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    justugh Well-Known Member

    not even a floating room that can be taken down just like a tent
    if u have a warehouse size place ......the ideal way would be to be a room with 5 sides (walls and floor) to make like a tub type of thing

    that way the CO2 would pool up in the area but the heat from the lights has the whole warehouse to excape in (it will cost u less money for cooling the are and less money for heating the warehouse )

    but your big issue is the Amps
    1000w light is like a 11 12 amp start up then it goes to about 9/8 amps on running
    a mini split ac needs to be on it own 30 amp breaker ( it is going to kick on and off all the time u can not tie into anything the start drawl could pop the breaker....i has to have it own ) for the mini split that needs a wall to hang on a tent is not going to do it for u

    first thing to do is look at all the gear u are going to need and add up the amp drawl u will see u are over the limit.....and to do it for a veggie and a flower area u are way under the amps needed for a area of that size

    20x10 is a total of 8 1000w ......1000w does a 5x5 are footprint so u need 8 total to completely cover your area in the for the best result
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    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Being in a warehouse is it not on 3 phase ? Why just 100a for the area does it have its own sub panel?
    If you are on the 100a limit I would look at 220v equipment and not 110v
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    I will be getting in there after next week to check out the panel and power. It does have ac unit to the office maybe i can re-do the ducting. I will also need to see how big the AC unit is. Hopfully its at least 3 tons.

    I will keep you guys posted. Thanks for all the replys btw.

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    I don't have any direct advice, but just wanted to say that damn I'm jealous of that setup! I have a measly 2x4' Gorilla tent and am salivating at your (2) 10x20's :)

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    Can you tell me the advantage of 220v vs 110v? I was told the place is 3 phase power but I am not even sure what that means. I will need to bring in my electrician this friday when i get the spot.

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    ok if you have a 1000w @ 110v it will be 9a
    Take that same 1000w @ 220v its 4.5a
    110v you have a hot neutral and ground 240 you have 2 hots and a ground sometimes a neutral also.
    3 phase you have 3 hot wires and a ground but you will only find it in commercial buildings. The best thing you can do is talk to the electrician and let them know exactly what you want to do and they will let you know how easy it is or not.

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    Very good to know!! thanks for the help.

    Im getting keys today so ill keep you guys posted. 220v is the way to go. So I take it not every single eqiupment needed comes in 220v right. just the higer power ones? I would need to run some 110v outlets for fans and stuff right?

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    I was looking at the gavita1000 DE and it uses 240voits. would that work with 220v?

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Yes you will have a mix of 110v and 240v 240 for lighting ac heaters and 110 for fans pumps ect

    yes it will work I have used them before and they put off some heat I would calculate the ac for them around 6k btu per light

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    I will go with a Mini Split at least 3 ton, Will prob have to leave the both parts inside also since they wont allot me to mount anything on the roof.

    Mini split will take about 15-20amp I was told.

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    My 2 ton takes 20a
    But then you will need to make a free floating wall for the head unit to hang on. I have not seen minisplits inside a tent before.

    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    That 3 ton will be good for 6 gavitas maybe 7
    to help save in the long run electric cost and ac have you looked at cob led lights? You wouldn't need as much ac for them and maybe a heater in the winter.

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    This will be the first minisplit in a tent lol.

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    So I finally got to check out the electrical panel and the 3 main black2 wire on top of the box shows this. E23929 Awg 1 Compact alloy Type THHN. (I think this Awg guage wire 1 is r0ted for 120 max power transmission) Does anyone know if this is correct? One source I found said it was handle or rate for 150 amps.

    2nd question I have is for a 10x20 tent, what type of lighting hoods should I get? Should I go with AC(aircooledst hood) daisychain to exhusted fan or should I go with open hoods? I would be running AC either way. Getting a 3 ton mini split from idealAir. I would like to run Co2 so i was thinking about AC hood setup.

    3rd question is for the Minisplit do I need dual zone? I see them go up to quad zone as well.

    If anyone can suggest how to setup a sick ass tent this size that would be great. I was looking at supercloset site but doesnt seem they off a setup for 10x20.


    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Question 1= better to take a pic and let us see.
    Question 2= If you run open hoods plan on 6k btu for each hood if you get cool hoods plan on about 3k per hood. You can run co2 either way just seal the room and add a dehumidifier
    You could look at cob leds and it will help on the power draw and save you on getting a big minisplit the results speak for themselves more yield less power I'm switching my room from hps to cobs.

    Question 3= I would use multi zone one in each tent you will use if that is just flower and veg then dual zone.

    Setting up a 10x20 tent is not a lot different than setting up a 10x20 room if it was me I would build a floating wall and have the minisplit on it and all equipment. Have a look on youtube can find several bigger tent setups.

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