Hermi seed cross


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So I got 20 plants

1x pink kush
1 x strawberry eclair
1 x guava
3 x la conidential
14 x blue gelato

a few of the blue gelatos hermied I think due to high temps, I’ve read that hermied plants produce feminised seeds.

I pulled off most of the balls as soon as I saw them and let them keep going and the buds on the top of the plants are frosty and generally lookin good

have found seeds on a few lower branches and taken them off,

last night I noticed one of my la confidential has seeds growing in buds.

my question is, will these seeds be feminised andworth growing as a potential new strain?


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Hermied plants produce hermied seeds, yes fems, but all will be hermied
is That a definate or a probability? I’ve been reading that if the hermies due to stress (as mine did) that they will be the same as if off a breeder, has anyone actually grown hermie seeds to verify this?