Hey old farts..how many over 50 yrs?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Coho, Jul 7, 2012.

    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    $1 a gram is what the Feds are hoping for ..... the new northern cartel!!!
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I know, right?

    They take their pounds in flesh...
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Well $2 is probably close to what we averaged back in the day moving it so can't blame em for trying lol.
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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

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    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member

    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    We got days off for snow but never cold that I remember. All I got was "bundle up butter cup", snow shoes are in the garage, careful out there lol. Snow tunnels in the school snow banks, Lawn darts, pellet guns, where have the good times gone lol. My childhood winters were spent walking for hours hunting, skating on the lake when it was thin enough to see the fish, snowmobiling (yes I had a 1969 Nordic when I was 12) with a trailer full of spark plugs and drive belts, and camping in snow caves...... thank god for video games and tv lol.
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I got a trail bike at 13. Somehow managed not to kill myself. Although I did have a few close calls. And I farmed from the time I was a little kid. Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations. Had a few close calls there too.

    The lady ranger at my local state park has nicknamed me Dumb Ass for my hiking and camping in storms and killer heat or cold. Sure I am uncomfortable, but I have the place to myself.
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I worked in summer haying and after school and weekends at a CASE dealership. Buddy fell off the tractor and got run over by the bailer, it was not pretty but fuck he lived to tell the tale lol. Every old time farmer I know is at least one digit short lol. I don't do much camping any more at all, I'm a hotel room kinda guy now lol.
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member


    We had to milk the cows, muck the stalls, spread manure by hand on a field so far away the buckets would freeze before we got there.

    Then we had to walk 12 miles to school, uphill both ways, and deliver papers along the way. All we had for lunch was maggots from roadkill we found along the way. We didn't get to keep the carcasses, those were dinner. Just maggots for lunch.

    And when we did get school, we had to have sex with whatever teacher wanted it, no matter how they wanted it. We couldn't say anything or we had to do it to the school board also.

    You yungins have it easy. Heat, hah, that is for hell, not schools.

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, and try to tell the young and they will refuse to believe you! :0)
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Wow....sounds like you lived with the Amish and went to a residential school ..... we grew up with female teachers so the sex would be cool lol.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Nuns. 'Nuff said.
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    StoneyStonebreaker Member

    Hit me up in a year. 50 is around the bend.

    I started smoking when I was just a little turd, stopped for most of my adult life to serve my country, and am chiefing daily now for health and relaxation.

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Lucky bugger, I don't feel a day under 75

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Maggots? You were lucky. When I were lad, we never had any maggots, we would have to get out of bed 2 hours before we went to sleep just to get the dirt the roadkill lay on and we would be happy we got that dirt before the teachers murdered and dismembered us for daring to learn things.

    And if you tell the youth of today that, they'll never believe you.

    (Always good to reprise the four yorkshiremen, no matter where it is)
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    AnimalMother1974 Active Member


    giggywatts Well-Known Member

    Damn i never thought this thread would still be active.
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    You thought we would all forget about it or die off on a weekly basis, or being old and cranky, start arguing and leave? LOL
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    damn, I wondered where I left this thread.... ;)
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    giggywatts Well-Known Member

    i'm not very active here anymore and was surprised to see it and i was the one who forgot about it. i don't remember how old i was when i posted to it either for that matter. i'll be 57 in march. yall have a great day. peace
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