Hot Water Seed Treatment

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    Seems unnecessary with a high probability of killing your seeds. I dont think cannabis has seed borne diseases. Could be wrong. Not enough research done yet. I expect in the next ten years many important questions on cannabis growing will be settled and more interesting questions will arise.
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    the only real issue with weed is

    TMV tobacco mosaic virus

    so long as you don't smoke cigs then touch seeds or weed

    you should be fine



    good luck

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    Ive planted plenty of seeds and habent had any issues just letting em go normal. Its not like marijuana develops autisum or needs immunized for parkensons like people do.

    Any seedling issues are generaly made by fucking with the natural process, and the natural stunted growth that rarely does happen generally sorts itself out quickly.

    Just relax and think less.

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    Last year I had some weird fungi/virus on plants that came from a reputable seed breeder, the seeds I made didn't have it. I still have $$$ invested in those seeds and instead of tossing them I'm thinking of trying the heat treatment............ RELAX MY ASS I'M GOING TO KILL SOMETHING.......and that thinking shit is over rated anyway so I got that covered.

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    So you THINK you got a problem from a seed you THINK was passed to you by a breeder and you THINK hot water will fix it.

    Have you confirmed that there was a problem related to the seeds that was a virus that was not caused by some unknown? What was the symptoms ? have you tried planting these seeds again normally inside in a clean area?
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    I wouldn't be wasting my time if I hadn't.

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    So what were the symptoms?

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    Instead of hot water, just use municipal water (if it has low enough tds). The chlorine will kill anything that's in there. I forget who posted this before, but there's a user who swears by this method for soaking seeds.
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    Side note: place a number of seeds in cold water for cracking. Place another batch (same number of seeds, 10 or so) in a bath of water on a heating mat (seed starter mat).

    Once sexually mature, compare ratio of males to females in each.

    I suspect males will be most prevelant in the heated example.

    We have little understanding of virus and bacteria as contributors to cannabis plant issue however our relevant understanding is growing with the dismantle of cannabis prohabition. Plants are affected by bacteria and virus, and yes they can pass via seed. Fungal infections do as we know. This topic is valid however may be best asked in seed breeder forums for experience sake.

    A breeder may pass along his world without ever knowing. A crop can have been infected with say botrytis, though his means of fungal management keep outbreak from showing its presence to the naked eye. (Hence irradiated seeds).

    We stand to loose in a very big way when we monoculture. Eventually, something will be a big ordeal for cannabis crops and knowledge of the sort will be most valid.
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    chromosomes in seed dna have long ago before soaking decided what sex they will be. this shit was sported 50 years ago near, thankfully we have science and not just the net
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    DAMN, My pregnant wife has been soaking in warm water hoping for a boy,LOL
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