How Does Your Garden Grow??????


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I’ve got crook neck squash running out of my ears , all we can eat plus freezing also. I cooked up the first batch of crowder peas yesterday and I have several cantaloupe about the size of softballs. I have taken about seventy blueberry cuttings so far , some under a humidity dome, some in nursery pots, some with cloning gel others with rooting powder, we’ll find out in a few months if any of it worked.
Are you selling the Blueberry cuts? So want to grow blueberries!


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It's hard to believe but we're starting to get tired of eating fresh peas. I've decided I don't like shelling peas. I put it in the same category as trimming weed. But the snow peas have been really nice. We rarely eat out and I do all of the cooking. The Wok get's used quite a bit since I make quite a bit of asian food and the snow peas are great for many dishes.

The beets are delicious. I wish I would have planted more golden ones but I have just sown more.



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Those beets look super. The wok is a good friend. I grew bok choy.. it does not like strong bolts. Great with wok..shrinks to nothing.

Just harvested 1lb carrots.

My garlic is doing well. Shitty squirrels keep biting beans at base...been using chilli water.. swiss chard is expensive so grest crop to grow.. summer..blanch and freeze for soups...



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That's a big Armenian cucumber. I grew those last year but my lady didn't like them so I'm not growing them this year. I thought they were good but I have to grow what the lady likes so it's regular cucumbers. The Armenian cucumber isn't a cucumber but a variety of musk melon
Grew them last year as well, they are great in salads when they are a little smaller than that.. :shock: