How Does Your Garden Grow??????


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I remember when you first posted your new set-up . Looks like its working damn well , very nice. I've had those fing aphids on my vegging pot plants. Made a slurry of diatomaceous earth and sprayed plant . Since they have exoskeletons the DE knocked the shit out of them very fast. It dirties up leaves
a tad at first but can be rinsed off after the ill effects. I wouldn't spray if flowering , lucky I eliminated them during veg. Love those wide open ranges , so serene !
I'll give it a shot!


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Please explain what we were looking at here
I think it's Old Scratches booger or one of his dingleberries , not sure which . An old , old timer called that abomination " coal fungus ". I have mushroom field guides up the ass, I don't see that thing. I know puff balls shoot out clouds of spores but this was more of a thick haze , smoke. Perhaps that old man was f'ing with me. Still doesn't explain wtf it is.


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I have plenty of nooks and crannies in the raised beds, so hopefully they just take up residence there without my influence and effort!


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Today and tomorrow are the best above ground days this moon cycle. And I forgot about it until after 0900. When it was already hot. I did get 3 rows of sweet corn planted before lunch. It's raining now, so good for the corn. I still hope to plant okra, three kinds of hard squash and cukes. And I may do a few more tomatoes. The ones in the raised beds are still doing well, but the ones planted in the garden are fading fast. I want to make a couple three raised beds here at the sandhill. I've picked out a spot for a new underground chamber, so I'll use some of that dirt in the raised beds.