How ever see this what rook can i get from homedeepo or any rook plases

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    I need find a chheper king of rook to used in my hidro ring or otherwise called hydro Farm grow ring watering ring system I need to figure out what Rock I can use in place of hydro beads resend why I am doing this is because they are watching my hydro store cops are and somebody had their trash vandalized and rate it a few days later even though it was medical

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    if you have to do *home made* you can try buying lava rock then smashing it with a hammer. or just order online....

    * if you do the lava rock after you smash it you nee to clean it very well because the small debris can screw up your pumps but if you just clean it nice in a bucket with a food strainer you will be ok.
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    Screenshot_2017-09-10-22-59-43.png that the sys

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    Just order hydroton online and have it shipped with discrete shipping.
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