How Far and Powerful Should CXB3590s Be From Baby Seedlings?

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    I did check out that thread long ago but when I got to the post where Airwalker showed us his home-made hoods I promised myself to never go back in there.

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    Your plants are spindly from reaching for the light... I run 120 watts @ 18 " ... give it too em slowly...

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    Managed to get two 2-packs for 20 bucks at home depot.. The website said they had the non-dimmable brighter A21 versions in 4-packs for 20 bucks. went there and it was false advertising! they had a19s on the shelf even though the sku price thing said they were a21. i told one of the hd employees and they were arguing with me saying a19s and a21s were the same thing even though they were rated at different lumens. i kinda made a scene with him cuz i was upset with the whole false advertising thing. the a21s come in DIMMABLE 2 packs and are 20 bucks alone. One of the younger HD employees witnessed the whole argument and must've felt that i had a good point regarding false advertising cuz he stepped in and said he would get me two 2-packs for 20 dollars since the website was advertising 4-packs for 20. So i think i got a good deal since i got dimmable versions instead of non-dimmable ones even though ill probably never use the dim function
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