How long are people waiting to hear back from Health Canada ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by willieboy, Oct 4, 2016.


    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    Won't matter if there is such a long wait time.....
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    willieboy Well-Known Member

    I sent in my renewal paperwork this week. My one year permit expires in September. What is the chance that the renewal paperwork will arrive in my mailbox before the original permit expires ? I have started my plants for my outdoors crop today. Hopefully they will be in the ground by the long weekend in May. Always depends on the weather. Last year we had a wet spring and this year it is still cold here on the East Coast.

    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    Well it's only april, that's like 5 months time. I think you will be fine. I actually talked about this to my doctor and he told me not to worry about it. He said, you have all the paperwork from your old address, I don't think they're going to bother you. So After that i put some seeds in the ground. I'm not gonna fuck around with my health because they don't give a crap about us med patients.
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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    I have my renewal in the mail, almost a month ago now, and called health canada it isnt even loaded into their system yet, as they are currently opening mail from February.
    my current "regestration" is up for renewal next month...
    women on the phone trys to explain to me that ill be expected to destroy whatever i have if my regestration lapses.
    i had to inform her that it is my doctor, the prescription and the carter of rights that grant me the ability, Not you and health Canada's regestration process.
    she then proceeded to try and tell me that they are not prescriptions but medical recommendations.
    she then stated that its because its not considered medication....

    So what the fuck; this is health Canada's view of Medicinal Cannabis.
    I wont be coherent with their ideas should their paperwork take them to long, they have no reason to call the doctor's and waste their time either, they already have there hand written signature on an original prescription.
    and should the local inforcement come with an aggressive attitude, I will have to respond with charging them for each and every one of my plant count, should they un-earth then.
    while they waste more time, rescorces, and tax funded dollars with cannabis related charges while the courts can't process the cases of more deserving processing.

    Justin Trudeaus cabinet and government is a joke. Merijiwana Reform, Lier Campaigns on "legalization" and then sits on it for a year.

    Meanwhile tarnishing again the non useing publics views and uneducated doctors views of Medicinal Cannabis.

    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    And everybody perscribtion situation is different however mine is an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers that are and were highly adictive and make my kidneys and liver worse and hert my G.I. Track.
    Honestly who does Health Canada think they are? There opinions have no valid basis.
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    fucking right man. I like your attitude. That's exactly what it is. They make it difficult on purpose. They fully design this "flawed" system to work in a way that makes it really fucking difficult for us. It discourages a lot of people from doing it. As far as legalization goes, the government is legalizing it in a way that only benefits themselves. Harmless fucking plant. No need to have any laws with this shit what so ever. Should be no different than a god damn tomato. Foxglove, a very common flower, can be used medicinally and can kill you in high doses. Of course though, there's no reason to make it illegal, I mean it just has the potential to kill you. Why do we need to make it illegal. People can just be careful with it. Not worth their time. Fucking owned like dogs we are. Under fist, and in chains.

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    Nice to see that everyone has a good handle on what a patient has to deal with..:evil:
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    You have a sense of ENTITLEMENT.. If you say you where born here in Canada and have lived here Your Life... Why are you not an Excutive running a fortune 500 company. Immigrants have an excuse for not being on the same playing field what is yours.

    There are dispensaries available in your area, yet you choose not to use any "till its legal"..

    You say you paid $75 for paperwork. So what I paid $200. I have a friend on Ontario works and he is still able to maintian a small six plant garden with 600 watter.

    You are born alone and die alone. No owes anyone anything on earth.

    What's wrong with you. Be a man and stand in your own two feet, or Dont complaine what the government gives you for free already.

    Take that, come back and swear or try to flame me too.

    Lastly if you have the Drs signature it starts from the time he signs. This varified from police services.

    If you are scared goto church, if not get some balls and start a small stealth growth.

    Oh yeah you want the government to provide you with meds too.

    Quote "

    They allow immigrants and reffugees into this country and pay them money2000.00 a month.. fk all i get 310.00 "

    The word is 'refugee', but I dont expect much from you..

    Get your Mind Right..

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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    We all immigrated here, or our ansisters did.
    people that immigrate today; their not yet born son or daughter;
    Will be as much Canadian as you and I.
    all religion and beliefs put aside.
    Witch generation Canadian are You?
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    trippingballs Active Member

    Why would you do that? You are losing months and months of your script time, and every year it will just get rolled back more. I am going to follow the advice of Health Canada that came with my registration that said send it in 6-8 weeks ahead of time for renewal. Renewal is in September so that means August time-frame I will send it in. If they are tardy sending it back, it is not my issue, I followed the recommendations that were sent with my registration and the police and Health Canada can fuck right the hell off!
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    trippingballs Active Member

    Brother, I wish you would have recorded that. In fact we should all be recording all of our calls to Health Canada. To have them admit on tape they don't really think this is medicine is just about as clear cut a case for their negligence when dealing with patients who require it.

    Edit: And it is the kind of thing that needs to be sent to the news stations to show how Health Canada is deliberately causing patients' issues. We need an expose on this shit.
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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    How would i record yhe phone call when all i have is a cell phone?
    And yes the media should be made aware of the real story and frustrations we deal with....
    and they should then take that and do an accurate news story.
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    trippingballs Active Member

    There's an app for that! Er, if it is a smartphone that is. You can set them to record all incoming/outgoing calls or specific calls only. Technology these days eh. :)
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    That's a good idea man. You know if the right person or persons approached cbc or whatever in proper manner and had a good story ready to be told, and people backing it up, this would hit the news. I see similar stories all the time. Some of these news places love to take cracks at government organizations like health canada. Problem would be contacting the right person. Think I'll email cbc with a well written letter.
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Wow, hadn't been on this thread for a while since my stance is fuck them all and I'll never register.

    But if anything it looks like it's getting worse as it goes along. Longer, more costly, waiting times extended, HC agents spouting off bull-shit when asked questions. More of the same incompetence and bull-shit.

    I am liking the f*ck HC attitudes though, don't take shit from anyone, specially some HC call agent. F*ck yeah, it's a beautiful thing seeing folks who refuse to be herded like sheep :)

    willieboy Well-Known Member

    I sent an email to Health Canada asking when I should send in the renewal paperwork. Their answer was "Health Canada is currently receiving high volumes of applications, as such individuals should submit their renewal application as far in advance as possible." I have been through this charade in the past - under the MMAR programme they were unable to process renewal forms in timely manner. Nothing has changed. My doctor does not charge me anything to fill out the forms and is willing to sign paperwork every six months for what is supposed to be a one year permit. Under the MMAR I had to enlist the assistance of my MP who was quick to deal with Rona Ambrose when she was the Minister of Health for the Tories. I do not care to have to deal with Johnny Law in a situation where my paperwork is expired . Stormtroopers at the door will not be freindly folks who understand that your paperwork is expired. They will cause you nothing but grief and heartache.

    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    "please note that the use of offensive, loud, or threatening language will not be tolerated" was the first message I got today when I called in. hahahahaha. I guess people are right proper pissed with these wankers already eh? Let's see how long I'll be on hold today, and what kind of garbage info i'll get.

    trippingballs Active Member

    Record the call so you have audio to send with your letter in case you get some "gold" on the call. Cheers!
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    trippingballs Active Member

    True best to avoid the cops at all costs since generally speaking they do nothing but cause problems. However, in this case I believe I have solid backing (I am only following written instructions from HC, not my fault they are understaffed), and if the cops destroy my plants, I will sue them for damages and court costs after I win in court. If that's what it takes. I'm not doing anything wrong, just following instructions, so I have nothing to worry about.
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    sunandsky Well-Known Member

    Well I was only on wait for 23 or so minutes today, the woman on the phone was very nice. She seemed pretty down to earth, even made a joke about it being 4/20 today. She answered all my questions and stuff, and when i said "man that really screws the patients over, with the system being backed up like that" she seemed sympathetic "I knowww..." she said. I think being genuinely nice helps, I mean these people are just working here, it's not their fault the system is fucked. What can she do? magically get my application done? no, she can't. It's a process. These losers who get angry over the phone remind me of the dipshits you see at walmart yelling at some poor cashier when they can't make a return. No need for that. We're all adults. That being said, It's been a month i think since I mailed my amendment in. They really need to hire more people or something. I wonder what kind of qualifications they require to let someone sort out paperwork liek that?
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