How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil, Step by Step

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    Hey guys, I just finished my 3rd video, in which I demonstrate how to make some cannabis coconut oil. Let me know what you think, I'm always open to any contructive critisism or advice on how I can make these even better in the future. I tried to make this as short and as easy to follow as possible. I improved the visibility on the captions since the last video, thanks to some of your comments. Enjoy!

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    Nice, this is something that anybody can do once they get the immersion heater.

    Clean procedure, suggest 2 hours for the decarb step. Otherwise I've been following almost exactly the same procedure in larger batches using heat sealable boil-in bags. A grower can skip the drying process by using 4x fresh bud. Sous Vide is so much better than the older oven decarb and crock pot methods.

    From my own experience, I think your sous vide procedure produces more potent oil than when decarb is done in the oven.
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    I make cannabis oil. Would I follow these times/temps without the flower for decarboxylating and infusion ?
    thank you
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    Props to medical militia for putting together that great video. I hope he doesn't feel like I'm stepping on his thread.

    There is a table in the link below that shows lab test results in an experiment decarbing weed using sous vide. The article is short, well written and not a difficult read:

    Cannabinoids___________#1 (no decarb)_________#2 (1 hour decarb)____________#3 (1:40 decarb)
    THCA__________________12.2%_______________1.44% _____________________0%
    THC____________________3.37% ______________8.9%______________________9.37%
    Total THC* _____________14.07%______________10.16%_____________________9.37%
    Total THC Adjusted** ____14.14%______________10.31% ____________________9.78%
    CBD ___________________0% _________________0% _______________________0%
    CBN ___________________0% _________________0.09% _____________________0.11%
    CBG ___________________0.47% ______________0.49% _____________________0.38%
    CBC ___________________0% _________________0.06% ____________________0.06%
    Moisture Content _______10.48% ______________11.45% ___________________14.47%
    (copy and paste of the table in the article)

    He used dried, ground weed in small sample sizes. As you can see, at 1 hour, conversion was 98% complete and at 1:40, 100% complete with no signs of degradation to CBD.

    His results were confirmed in other technical documents that I found while perusing the web for more information.

    With oil, the decarb rates should be similar but (and there is always a but) the reaction rate is diffusion rate limited. Possibly diffusion of oxygen might take longer to reach all THCA in an oil than on ground flowers depending on the depth of the oil in your flask, IDK. I saw a video produced by somebody else in RIU where he showed oil bubbling during conversion due to CO2 that is evolved during decarb and his end point was reached when the bubbling stopped, so you have a visual guide with oil that we don't have with flowers. You can always do a test batch using med militia's procedure and verify end point was reached by visually verifying CO2 is no longer produced. Once you've verified the time, no longer need to do a visual on future batches.
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    Well-done video. And very timely thread for me thank you
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