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    slow drawl

    slow drawl Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, but beside the fact that it's not a true BK. It is very potent and has a wonderful high.
    I'll not fuck with their BD again. but I can't find anything wrong with their Bubba other than it's not a real
    Bubba...SD :peace:
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    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    This is one reason why I never purchased their gear. I do not know the whole story as you laid it out, but I know they are in Spain and there’s no way they have access to every tightly held California clone only, not to mention stuff like RKS from the 70’s....there’s just no fucking way.
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    polarbee Member

    I have ordered and grown both bd and bk. The BD turns purple almost black on the buds , the leaves that is. The BK has very fat leaves like a typical indica. Their seeds come inside blocks of wood with plastic vials sealed in them with the seeds. I have both right now.
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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    Black d.o.g 2 weeks into flowering . just on 8 ft tall and wasn't grown full season. IMG_20180304_130716.jpg
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    Kronickeeper Well-Known Member

    HSO has fire don’t let these dudes mis lead u they don’t know what they are talking about
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    Achalemoipas Well-Known Member

    No, we do. We've grown their random strains and we ordered from them. I got their Green Crack, weak and finished with a full indica stone, which is exactly what I did not want. The orders are delivered from San Sebastian, Spain, because they are in Spain. It was delivered by GLS, which is the Spanish postal service. The company that charged my card is registered in Spain.

    Their legal disclaimer, which isn't quite all translated, only makes Spanish references:

    They dishonestly say this on their site: "Humboldt Seeds, the best american cannabis seed bank with the most superior cannabis strains for sale from TOP Californian breeders!"

    They are liars and they falsely represent their products to rob people by giving them fakes for the price of authentic strains. That is not "fire". That is fraud.

    It's disgusting and should not exist for pot anymore than it should for watches and handbags. These people dishonestly cheated me out of 4 months of effort and whatever is I paid for the seeds. I paid for Green Crack cultivated in California, I got some random bullshit grown by dishonest people "somewhere".
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    Howard Burn

    Howard Burn Well-Known Member

    I’ve grown out a couple packs of hso blue dream looking for a real good blue dream cut, None ever came close to the original, then I got the REM By sin city and its even better in my opinion than the clone only blue dream

    Hso black dog was a easy one to grow, nice yield , pleasant potent smoke

    Coloradoclear Well-Known Member

    You could try Green point seeds in Denver.

    cottee Well-Known Member

    I grew their blue dream. It was poor.One of the worst strains I’ve done. Never had so many complaints. The potency was poor. Skywalker from reserva is the best DNA strain that I’ve done. Decent yield and quality finishing in 9 weeks.
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    nc208 Well-Known Member

    Humboldt Seed Organization is a brand licensed for legal official use to Pot Sistemak SL in Europe and all legal countries where cannabis seeds may be sold."

    they go right out and say they are a brand operating in spain. I'm going to go out on a wild guess here and suggest maybe it has something to do with the fact USA has had illegal Marijuana laws for many years and only until recently has that changed, Yet HSO has been operating for quite some time, maybe they changed country locations for ease of selling seeds? not just to lie and screw people over you know.

    I currently have a master kush and a 707 Truthband growing from HSO and they both seem great so far, good yielders by looks of it and great smell. Will have to see about potency.
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    420Dust Well-Known Member

    I've done the HSO Master Kush two grows and that is an awesome strain! I mean dank! Will run again for sure.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I just finished up a Black D.O.G. and I am really liking it. Bag appeal, sweet berry flavor and buzz are all there. Decent producer
    20180213_221537 - Copy.jpg
    As for Reserva Privada, I'm washing my hands of their genetics anymore. I recently ran Kosher Kush and its nothing like it was yrs ago. It also threw nanners at 6 wks like clockwork on 2 different runs of it from clone. Huge yields of mid shelf buds.
    20180103_233108 - Copy.jpg

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Most European breeders use Spanish growers to produce their seeds. And why would it be hard for a European country to have clones from America?

    The only reason I bothered with HSO is because fellow RIUers said they had good blue dream phenos.

    I ran 3 blue dream and 3 sour blueberry and only 1 of the blue dreams had a potent high, the rest were turds honestly.

    But I don't think anyone assumes HSO is really out of Humboldt, lol, else'in they're gullible.
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    polarbee Member

    i got my HSO seed from attitude , there just the distributor. I have been grwing the BD and BK for several grows and both are fire. The BD had so much resin you didnt need a scope it was covered. Smelled like grape candy and diesel. The bubba had huge buds covered in sauce. Maybe theres two HSO out there.

    polarbee Member

    Nice. Mine never got very big indoors but potent
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    polarbee Member

    Had the same problem w nanners on my reserva growing there headband. It was stinky as hell but kept herming on me it was crazy.
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Seems whatever magic they had yrs ago is gone. Just bunk nanner prone genetics now.
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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    Yeah I forgot to mention that I crossed ghost train haze over that one. My pure black d.o.g.s sent very tall only 4 foot tall.

    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    That is really depressing to hear, I haven't gotten anything new from DNA or Reserva in years but I have Lemon OG pheno that is amazing I have been growing it for more then 5 years and absolutely love it, everyone I share it with drools. I really didn't have good success with their headband but no nanners. I have Holy Grail Kush in the rotation for years as well without issue. I also really liked the OG 18 taste and high but the yeild wasn't there on the pheno I had so I scrapped it.
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    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    I ran HSO seeds twice and that count is now a final tally :(

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